B and the Buzz

B and the Buzz


"B and the Buzz" will take you an a musical Journey , to the clubs of 42nd street during the 30,s the jump joints of the 40,s and the seedy blues dives of times gone bye.


"B" started playing guitar and singing at the age of 10 and began a life long love of music. He was influenced by the blues, soul and jazz artists of the 60's and 70's . During his teens, he discovered classical music and traveled to Europe, where he studied and sang as an operatic tenor. "B" then returned to the states and his first love, blues. He soon found his vocal training lent itself to the standard jazz ballads and began adding these to his repertoire. The grand showmanship he developed on the stages of NY and Europe helped add the unique spark to his musical phrasing and songwriting that have become his trademark.
As a jazz and blues musician “B” has had great success, his TV and Film credits include MTV “The Osbournes” , Nickelodean " Upick Live", Hallmark "Hollywood Moms Mystery", CMT “Summer Games”, TBN “Backyard Oasis” , CBS "Guiding Light" Daytime Reality show "Starting Over" and the upcoming feature film "My Big Fat Independant Movie". With “ B and the Buzz” he annually tours Europe , the Caribbean, and the U.S.


Missin you

Written By: Bryan "B" Hilton

I feel like a carrot without any peas / I feel like a dog without any fleas
I feel like a ghost who lost his boo / but I ‘m just missin you

I feel like a bagel w/o any lox / I feel like a chicken w/o any pox
I feel like a bill that’s way past due / but I ‘m just missin you

I’m so sorry I broke your heart again
It was the devil made me sin
Open up and let back home again

I feel like a gin w/o any tonic / I feel like Steve Austin w/o his bionics
I feel like a layer with no one to sue / but I’m just missin you

I feel like a fish that’s out of water / I feel like a fly w/o a swatter
I feel like Sherlock w/o a clue / Oh I’m just missin you


I feel like a redneck w/o his mullet / I feel like Barney w/o his bullet
I feel like a dictator w/o a coupe / Oh I’m just missin you

I feel like a scotch w/o a soda / I feel like skywalker before he met Yoda
I feel like a witch w/o a broom /Oh I’m just missin you


I feel like a hey w/o a Joe
I feel like day w/o a glo
I feel like curly w/o mo
I feel like shad w/o any roe
I feel like a Frenchman w/o a chapeau
I feel like Art w/o Deco
I feel like the heave w/o the ho
I feel like john w/o a doe
I feel like grigio w/o pinot
I feel like Lenin w/o Moscow
I feel like a bum w/o skid row
I feel like an ear w/o Van Gogh
I feel like an s w/o a cargot
I feel like a tic w/o a tac toe
I know this was a long oratorio
But I’m just missin you

Red Lips Green Eyes and a Dry Martini

Written By: Bryan

I was a single man out doin it right till I stopped by this joint late one night
A little boppin shack called Jenny’s Juke joint Jive
I walked in heard that saxaphone and then she said you don’t want to drink alone
And that’s thtas the way I started out his new life

Red lips green eyes and a dry martini
All three things I wanted most , Man this chick was the uppermost
Red lips green eyes and a dry martini
She turned around and gave me grin, said her name was olive and she only drank Gin

Now I set down the tools of a quaker and I she picked up that cocktail shaker
Started mixin and makin and strirrin and shakin that thing
Before I new it I was loopy she was in the corner doin the hootchie cootchie
If we have enough ice We’ll keep this up till spring

Red lips green eyes and a dry martini
The three things I love the most like cavier and onion on some pointy toast
Red lips green eyes and a dry martini
She twirled around with a little spin said come on daddy olive wants her gin

Before I know it I was in love and cooin like a turtledove
She had me all wrapped up like a ball of string
I asked her once and she sure and then started actin all demur
The next thing I knew I was hearing weddin bells ring

Red lips green eyes and a dry martini
The three things I love the most like dinner, a cigar and a perfect host
Red lips green eyes and a dry martini
She twirled around with a little spin said come on daddy olive wants her gin

Now I’m back to the straight ole life I got 3 kids and a lovin wife
Man o man where did the time all go
One day I was chasin skirt now I ‘m just digging dirt
I was a swingin cat now I’m just an average Joe

Red lips green eyes and a dry martini
That’s what got me here used to be gin now its beer
Red lips green eyes and a dry martini
She twirled around gave me a kiss said come on daddy don’t be remiss

She said don’t worry man it wont be long the kids will be grown and well kick the gong
We’ll be back to how we used to live just the big cat daddy and his little olive

Red lips green eyes and a dry martini
The 3 things I love the most Like me, her the Packard goin coast to coast
Red lips green eyes and a dry martini
She spun around gave me the look said come on daddy its time to cook

Listen boys to this tip when you find a chick that’s really hip
Red lips (that’s a plus) Green eyes (now your fallin )
Makes a good Martini (man you better marry that girl)

Water (Theme song to Backyard Oasis)

Written By: Bryan "B" Hilton

There’s water in the brook runnin down to the stream
There’s a bullfrog an the bank baby singin songs to me
There’s fish down underneath that water baby sayin “old man you’ll never catch me”

When water falls down from the sky up above
makes everything green makes my flowers fall in love
Saw a thorny ol Mr. Rush bush sidle up to a miss foxy foxglove

Water … cool clear water
Water …. Runnin down the mighty missisip
Water .. theres some down in Mobile
Water .. ahhh babay give me a sip

Water in the River runs to the ole bayou
There’s a house on some stilts down there where I first saw you
Saw your legs swingin off the porch baby I knew I was through


Water in the Morning when the sun comes up
Some water in the afternoon when that old sandman starts catching up
Water late at night by my bedside in case I wake up

Water in my coffee water in my tea
Water in my whiskey baby bring some to me
Water in a pot full of crawdads take me home to new Orleans

Water … Cool clear water
Water .. Is that an oasis I see
Water.. It might just be a mirage
Water.. Oh baby give some to me

They washed me off with water when I came out sapnkin new
There was water all around when I sailed the oceans blue
There was water in my eyes baby the day I said I do


Written By: Bryan "B" Hilton

They say he was found in the back of a club while the band was boppin that swing
When they saw him there instead of cry he shouted out a (spo dee o dee ode oee dee )
The band gathered round and said what a sound I wonder what that baby will play
The brassmen said brass the drummer said drums but then the bassman said hey wait
He had a little piece of twine in his hand he was a pullin and a strechin that string
His foot started tappin they started laughin sayin he’s gonna be the king of swing

Spodeeodee , (spodee who)Spodeeodee, (spodee what)
Spodeeodee that’s what we’ll call that little cat he will play bass instead of swing a bat
Spodeeodee , (spodee who)Spodeeodee, (spodee what)
Spodeeodde man can he’s gonna get down
he’ll be the biggest baddest boppinist bass man in town

Well he could lindy hop before he could walk
he could scat real good before he could talk
One day he grabbed a cat by the tail he put it on a broomstick and started to wail
He was slappin and a walkin and learnin to bow him and that kitty put on quite a show
The kitty was scratchin out 3 to his 4 he said bring it on daddy cause I got 8 more
He got a little hat learned his sharps and flats woodsheddin on Symphony Sid
When it was time for his break he didn’t hesitate this is what he did

Bass and Drum Solo

Spodeeodee , (spodee who) Spodeeodee, (spodee what)
Spodeeodee man he’s a real gone cat he can heat it up like a thermostat
Spodeeodee , (spodeewho) Spodeeodee, (spodee what)
Spodeeodde once he starts it’ll never cooldown
he’s the biggest baddest boppinist bass man around

He made it to the top of the hippest scene
he went across the pond and played for the queen
He was a hit in Rome and the Costa del Sol
but something was missin from that bass mans soul

He played his Barbe , his Morelli and his Sanatgiulioni
but he thought all there sound s were phony
He new the only way to get a sound round and fat
was to put his fingers on a little kitty cat
He took the first boat back to flat 5 city and ran down to the Coach room
He opened the door and up went a roar get hi9m that cat and that broom

Spodeeodee , (spodoo who) Spodeeodee, (spodee what)
Spodeeodee back he’s got his cat and hes all fdreesed up like an aristocrat
Spodeeodee , (spodoo who) Spodeeodee, (spodee what)
Spodeeodde he’s the king of Jive he’s the biggest baddest boppinist bass man alive

Reet Petite and Gone

Written By: Louis Jordan

I found a girl who beats 'em all
She isn't too short and she isn't too tall
She's in the groove and right on the ball
She's reet, petite, and gone

What a babe, she's the tops
When we go out thay don't need no traffic cops
One look at her and the traffic stops
'Cause she's reet, petite and gone

Now I could have my pick you know
'Cause I got donors ready to go
But this chick is so mighty fine
But she's got me tied up like ball of twine

When I do things I do 'em right
I won't let my baby outta sight
We'll tie the knot and tie it tight
'Cause she's reet, petite and gone

That chick has done changed my attitude
Whenever I look on her poultrytude
I'm telling you that chick's so mighty fine
She's got me tied up just like a ball of twine

Those other chicks just leave me cold
You can't compare brass with 14 karat gold
After they made her they broke the mold
'Cause she's reet, petite and gone


Written By: Fleecie Moore

Walkin with my baby she got great big feet
she long lean and lanky and had nothing to eat
but shes my baby and I love her just the same
crazy bout that women cause Caledonia is her name

Caledonia Caledonia what makes your big head so hard
I love you I love you just the same
I love you baby cause Caledonia is your name

You know my mama told me to leave Caledonia alone
She said Son keep away from that women she aint no good don’t bother with her
but mama didn’t know what Caledonia was putting down
so I ‘m goin down to Caledonias house and ask her just one more time

Caledonia Caledonia what makes your big head so hard
I love you I love you just the same
I love you baby cause Caledonia is your name


All LP's listed below are available in streaming format from my website
Is you Is
Jive from the Hive
Live from the Vineyard
Bei Mir Bis du Schoen

Set List

Buzz Me
Doncha Worry Bout That Mule
Knock Me a Kiss
Hit That Jive Jack
If Its Love You Want Baby
I Don’t Want Love
Reet Petite and Gone
Boogie Woogie Blue Plate
Outskirts of Town
All for the Love of Lil
Swining on a Star
Bei Mir Bis du Schoen

Typical sets are 1 to 1 1/2 hours in length