Bandwagon plays its own style of rhythmic acoustic folky blues. Our lyrical content ranges from the darky-darks to the plumpest of lights. You're going to love it!


When I turned 24 I picked up the guitar and I went to law school. This was my first instrument but not my first school. I wanted to be a writer but I went to law school because I really didn't know what else to do. I graduated last year, because quitting sucks, and turned my focus to music. Soon thereafter I hooked up with Steve Moreau who had moved to Vancouver from Peterbrough and we've been collaborating ever since.

Bandwagon brings together the compelling song writing of David Oland with the class guitar playing of Steve Moreau. Our music is acoustic with folk, rock and blues roots. We pride ourselves on our simple but unique rhythm and tone and our terrific on stage chemistry. We've recently had a string of successful shows at The Nelson Café in Vancouver, capped by our first paying gig at the Beaumont Studio’s Summer’s End Party. Audience response has been overwhelmingly positive for both our shows and demo CD and we've come a long way in only a year of playing together.



Written By: David Oland

Oh Ontario,
Not a place that I know,
But you make it sound like some kind of dream,
Dirt bikes, horses and farming,
And away you go,
Go on home, you're going home

You're young so you blaze your trail out west,
I know it's in your best interest,
Oh and by me that's just fine,
We'll smoke joints and drink red wine,
But sooner or later that day will come,
Yeah it's nice but it's just not home,
And away you go,
Go on home, you're going home

Your friends tell you that you're crazy,
You can tell them that you just might be,
But brother there's just no replacing,
The comforts of your home town feeling
And away you go,
Go on home, you're going hom


Summer 2004: Fezzik (8 tracks)
Summer 2005: Bandwagon (11 tracks)

Set List

We usually do 2 sets 40-50 minutes each. We have a set list but we're not afraid to change it up for the crowd's mood. We do not play covers.

Set 1:

1) The Happy Pig
2) Baby Baby
3) I'll Be Gone
4) Night Terror
5) Watching Me
6) What You Said
7) Spike Milligan
8) Ontario
9) Larry The Lobster

Set 2:
10) Jimmy Johnson
11) Little Old Town
12) Perfect Skin
13) She Too Pretty
14) Jeff Buckley
15) The Jumbo Pack
16) Peddle Fear
17) Jesus Loves You
18) Fleas