bandwagon device

bandwagon device


Alt rock with jazz, folk, funk, punk and prog-rock influences


Bandwagon device is a Regina 5 piece.

Songwriter, Chris Matchett (vocals and guitar), and John Bjerke (guitar and backing vocals), began working on songs together in Vancouver in the spring of 2005 where Bjerke was finishing his education as a studio recording engineer. When John returned to Regina in the fall of 2005, Bandwagon device began to take shape with the addition of accomplished bassist and arranger, Matt Johnstone (Johnny Hatch and the Lost Disciples), ex of Regina indie stalwarts Mrs. Svenson. The five-piece was rounded out with the addition of hard-hitting punk/metal drummer, Dylan Ludwig (Amour Fou), who agreed to turn in his sticks for brushes without losing any of his edge, and talented melodic lead guitarist and scratch DJ, Chris Fink (Vanilla Dub).

The songs are all written acoustically (a vain attempt by Chris to not wake his sleeping daughter), but have driving rhythms and haunting melodies that, when approached by the eclectic musicians in the band, have no choice but to turn into rock songs. Written and arranged from a Saskatchewan raised perspective, the songs are heavily influenced by Canadiana, and frequently reference both Canadian geography, and the rich Canadian musical history that often combines storytelling with driving guitars.

The players approach the songs with a level of integrity that is sincere and true to the musicality of the numbers. Frequently the band refers to the songs as the sixth member of the band; and it is this reverence to the compositions that keeps the players mindful of the role that they play within the greater context of the song.

The band members all have eclectic tastes in music and art, and these influences are heard in the individual performances that they produce, but ultimately, Bandwagon Device is a pop band and each of the players are pleased to succumb to the simple pleasure of writing, arranging and performing pop songs.


Landmine EP (retail demo)

Set List


nice to have you around
Late Bloomer
The Bridge
100 Years
Let it Slide
Angry Mob
72 Virgins
Not Another Day
Again and Again