BandHip HopWorld

I would call myself an artist before i call myself a rapper because of my creativity.All real "artist" strives to touch down on any and every level.My music really captures the ears of my female listeners with my smooth words and seductive voice to keep my listeners coming back.I make riding music.


I started off writing music as a thirteen year old quit boy living in the projects of Carbondale.Il. But I didnt start off writing music. I started off writing poetry as a way to express my thoughts. I was the type who felt that if anyone knew that i wrote poetry they would all laugh at me and call me a sissy. But in the long run i have learned a lot from writing poetry. I learned that poetry is ladies really love when a guy can express his self openly without being soft, and that poetry is just another form of music. I made music my life at fourteen rapping all the raps for my group which didnt last long, but i never stopped writing.
By the time i hit high school i had slowed down writing because i was trying knew things but by my sophomore year i was influenced by my cousin Nick Brown also known as Lil Action from the Pop It Off Boyz, to start writing again. We were all a group once. The group name switched from "dramatized" to "Invisibal Criminals" until we finally became known know as the Pop It Off Boyz! We were the hottest group in our town and a few other towns! We joined a underground label who basically used our talent to bring publicity so that they can make money off of us. Which eventually caused us to slow down again. I had continued on with everday high school life while "CG" and "Lil Action" continued to do music. Thats When they made Batman! Batman Became a big success. But unfortunetly it was my downfall because i didnt do that song with them. And they didnt sign an album deal so that mean i was sort of left behind. But Lil Action is like my brother so he was the one that told me to never give up on something that i was clearly great at doing. And he's been behind me ever since. Ive devoted my entire to my music ever since because i feel like this is what i was meant to do. I never knew what my future would become because i was never certain about what i wanted to be. And nothing else really worked for me and i was discouraged at first. I was always told that everything happens for a reason. Music is my passion and ever since i've committed myself to this i havent sencond guessed not one day that someday this is all goin to pay off. This is what im gone help my family eat right, live right and get on our feet. Because besides music, my family is all i have. My mother raised me and did what she could for me to make me who i am today. and now that my mother needs the help im going to strive hard to do exactly what she did for me. God bless.


"Brang that back" and "Drop it to tha flo" or two of the tracks that we are pushing for radio play.