South Asian, African, & American roots/fusion ensemble blending elements from the American popular venacular (rock, funk, jazz, rhythm & blues) with classical and popular traditions of India and West Africa.


Bangalore has had the basic idea of taking the rhythms and melodies of West Africa & India, and mixing them in with solid American backbeat- and funk-based grooves and song structures. We are upbeat, danceable, and inventive, and at times coloristic & moody, imagistically evocative like film-music. We have developped a sound that weaves together a sometimes exotic mix that nonetheless will sound familiar in an undefinable way.


El Gruvo

Written By: Phil Kaplan

Swing low
With El Gruvo
Through the misty night
Softly, blue smoke dance
Through the edge of light

To the edge, to the end of the light

El Gruvo

Present Danger

Written By: Phil Kaplan

Come on for a ride in my big yellow bus
Tell me if you see what I see
All the faces of the races on their street-corner stages
Hurrying, scurrying, working for their piece
Well, some get a lot
Some get a little
Some'll take a chance and some'll hug the middle
Some wanna burn, some wanna fiddle
Some spend a lot of time looking to fix this riddle
Maybe I don't know, but my daddy used to say:
"You got to own your life, boy, or they will take it away
And there's jokers out there, some some fat, some bald,
They'll be looking for their cut when they don't want it all.
And you can feed this beast
Try to appease this beast
For heaven's sake, you better hear what I say
You gotta keep that beast at bay.
'Cause if it's looking like you're not gonna make it
Then you got to get mean, plumb mad dog mean
'Cause if it's looking like you're not gonna make it then you got to get mean.
'Cause if you lose your head then,
You neither win nor live
That's just the way, that's just the way, that's just the way it is."

Metal Django

Written By: Philip Kaplan

Gimme some heat and I'll turn it up!

Hang Glider

Written By: Philip Kaplan

Hang glider, hang glider, oh my hang glider
The glider is crashing

Feel the heaving sea
Seething sea, tall waves lashing

Fortify the wall, fortify the wall, it's gonna get a thrashing
Fortify the wall, see the hang glider fall

Hang glider, hang glider &c.

Lonely siren wail
Siren wails, calling you to action

You know it's gonna take it all
Just to get a little traction
You know it's gonna take it all
It's gonna take it all


Rhythms & Hues EP (2002); Wanderlust LP (2004); Bangalore Triveni EP (2007); Burlap & Smoke EP (2008)

Set List

Sets from 30 min.s to 75 min.s