"anything goes" electronic music. the soundtrack of the search for hidden sounds and meanings found through jamming, brap, and originality.


Bangalore (chris david) has been making left of center electronic music for 10+ years. dipping into mostly all subgenre's(industrial,techno,dubstep,idm,jam,spacerock). chris has crafted a niche in the area of "anything goes" electronic music. the sound is superb.
chris met like-minded electronic artists in his new home town, and they agreed to group together under the moniker StreetScrapeRecords.

Street Scrape Records was originated by Chris (bangalore) and John (push0ver,traducer) and includes the following artists : The Madison Effect, Noize0110, DirteeLegz, Aphid, Bath Aide, Bangalore, Traducer, Ikipr, MidiFister, RAN DOM, Hue-E, Pvah, GrassNose, and more to come!
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Set List

BANGALORE usually playes from 45 minutes to an hour. the StreetScrapeRecords crew can play up to 3-4 hours of live entertainment. all original electronic music.