BANG BANG BANG Just signed with Sony Records out of NYC! Lead Singer Jaren Johnston wirtes for FAMOUS MUSIC(Jet,Eminem,Shakira). BANG BANG BANG tour all year round. for more info

Biography • ________________________________________________________________________ Four High School Buddies From Tennessee Making Rock ‘N’ Roll That Will Steal Your Heart While Kickin' Your Ass!! ________________________________________________________________________ On Stage in 2005 with:
Diamond Nights,
Be Your Own Pet,
The Redwalls,
Will Hoge,
Early Man,
Living Things,
jimmy chamberlin complex.

On Stage in 2006 with:
Pink Spiders, Shooter Jennings
Diamond Nights,

*Look for BANG BANG BANG in NYC in June and on tour throughout 2006*
As of December, 2005, BangBangBang singer Jaren Johnston writes exclusively for Famous Music (Jet, Louis XIV).


Neil Mason •

Kent Marcus •



Written By: Jaren Johnston and Court Clement


well i'm a different man i swear
i changed my clothes and i cut my hair all for you
don't you wanna love me suga

now i left my home in nashville all for you
don't you wanna love me suga

well when am i gonna learn

that i'm in traffic everybody looks on everybody looks so
calm and tragic as he takes my girl home
i should've known by the look on his face
that i couldn't change enough to save our love
don't you wanna love me suga

as different as i seem
no change i make will make you see i'm for you
don't you wanna love me suga
i toast to my addiction but i think that you
you could've loved me suga

i shot the king

Written By: jaren johnston

I Shot the King

i shot the king now his woman is mine
now she's my queen and his castle and all his wine
he never saw this jester as a threat
but who's laughing now
i said who's laughing now

i said what's your name she said queen elizabeth
you can look but no no you can't touch
well do you see the man in the golden hat he's the one
i said baby that's a dead man if i've ever seen one

she said my baby gets home about ten o'clock
and there's a gun in the closet with a double barrel buck shot
don't miss baby and you could have all of this

well i'm gonna be king


Written By: jaren johnston & neil mason


sing me your song
tell me your sad stories all night long
we don't mind these things subside we'll be laughing in the end
so talk about it, scream about it, Let it out my friend

don't you feel better now, i see you're dancin'
your feet have hit the ground
and don't you know you did it on your own

next thing we saw
you were singin' on the big screen, livin' like a star
amazing how things turned around from that night my friend
remember how i told you we'd be laughing in the end


I SHot the King
Independent release in 2005
listen at:

New Album out in the Fall 2006.

Set List

we usually play 12-15 songs and about 1 hour .....
I Shot the King
Mr. Big Show
Freaky Summer
Fantastic World
Sleep Alone
When the demons come around
Whiskey Rollercoaster>
Turn it Up>
American Ride
What are you Afraid of???
Move to the Music
Drink it away