Bang Bang Boom

Bang Bang Boom


A bit of the old, a bit of the new...a bit out of this world.


Bang Bang Boom is a rock and roll band that sparked from a desire to revitalize the rock and roll concert. They take inspiration from genres spanning from 50s and 60s rock to motown to indie rock. They combine energetic drum beats, driving bass, intricate guitar melodies, and catchy vocals to create an authentic "Bang Bang Boom" sound.

Each of the members has 6 years or more experience on their individual instruments, and all had performance experience prior to this band. Two were enrolled in the School of Music at the University of Florida.


"Live from 1108" EP to be released August 24 2007.

Set List

Typical set time is 30 minutes. 8 to 10 songs played selected from:

Never You Mind
Aint No Foolin This Girl
Pick Up the Phone
Bang Boom
Let's Not Fall In Love (Too Quickly)
My Cup of Tea
I Don't Mind
This Man, This Guy, That Girl is Mine
On the Other Side
Nobody Looks Like That
In Between Man
Put Away Your Guitar
This One Here
My Little Baby Come On