Bang Bang Eche

Bang Bang Eche

 Christchurch, Canterbury, NZL

BANG BANG ECHE began in early 2007. Since then, they've toured the US, NZ, Australia, UK and Europe playing with the likes of Chk! Chk! Chk!, The Faint, The Raveonettes and Har Mar Superstar.


Coming from a town so remote that tours of Antarctica leave from it, Bang Bang Eche have gladly spent most of their career away from home. The highly driven band have circumnavigated the world three times in the last year, supporting their self-titled, self-released, debut EP and recent release SONIC DEATH CUNTTTT EP. Their unrelenting ambition is most evident in a live show that has decimated parties in underground bunkers, warehouses and outdoor festivals around the globe.

Frontman and vocalist Zach Doney, whose typical performance involves the launching of his small body across obstacles and crowds, is the catalyst for the destruction. His rapid delivery and havoc-wrecking gesticulation often finds its way into the audience either by free will or force. Behind him is the true mastermind behind the group; calmly ruling from afar, bassist T'Nealle Worsley is a living lesson in efficiency. As an acclaimed "blogguer" and subtle fashionista, T'Nealle's artistic genius has lead the New Zealand press to pronounce her as "the nation's answer to Karen O." Guitarist Charlie Ryder, a precociously private person and botanical genius, flails through songs with the gifted grace of a five-fingered hummingbird often swapping instruments midway through a song without ever missing a beat. But it's the constant four-over-four that fuels the band, driven by former radio personality James Sullivan, who randomly finds himself disrobed halfway through a set yet never remembers how it happened.

The SONIC DEATH CUNTTTT EP, a collection of songs written on tour between 2008 and 2009, transforms the brutality of the quartet’s live show into an orgasm's worth of audio goodness. Building on the success of their debut release, this new EP’s lead song, “Fist Full Of Dollars,” was immediately hailed as Song Of The Day by both and Seattle's legendary KEXP before it was even released. This follows the self-titled EP having “4 To The Floor” debut at No. 1 on the US commercial alternative specialty show chart at the end of 2008 and break the Top 50 on CMJ’s college radio chart. Closer to home, the band has been consistently championed by Australia's national Triple J radio station and enjoyed several No. 1 songs on New Zealand radio.


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Bang Bang Eche is currently working on their first full-length album. The band's second EP, SONIC DEATH CUNTTTT EP, saw a worldwide release November 3, 2009. The lead single, "Fist Full Of Dollars," was immediately hailed as Song Of The Day by both KEXP and This followed the band's debut self-titled, self-released EP released in late 2008. The single "4 To The Floor" debuted at No. 1 on American Commercial Alternative Specialty Show charts and was given heavy/med rotation across Australia on Triple J radio. The self-titled EP broke the top 50 on CMJ's top 200 college radio chart.

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