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Poughkeepsie, New York, United States | INDIE

Poughkeepsie, New York, United States | INDIE
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BANGCOCKUSA @ The Chance Theater

Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

Poughkeepsie, New York, USA


Warren, Michigan, USA

Warren, Michigan, USA


LaGrange, New York, USA

LaGrange, New York, USA

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If your smart and you see the man in the photo above, stop him and say hello while you have the chance. He's one of those people who may someday soon be the kind of person that you'd love to meet, but would never have the opportunity to.
He's Tony Culver-T.C., for short-and he's right now, a resident of Highland Falls.
T.C. is the lead singer/songwriter/founder and guitarist for the rock band HUMAN X. The band is based out of Poughkeepsie, NY. area, and has been together a little over 4 yrs. and in T.C's opinion, is on the verge of something special. HUMAN X is about to embark on a tour which will take them further then they have ever been-south, west, and possibly overseas.
Back up to a kid whose mom bought him a ukulele years ago.
"I couldn't play it and one day she traded it for a guitar," he said in an interview last week. "that, I could play."
T.C. is a self- described "eclectic" individual. He's a fan of all varieties of music- "I love everything there is about music," he said. "I can listen to everything." He says he was somewhat of a loner as a child, a kid who liked to read books and build models. He's still a big reader (non- fiction) and an addict of The Discovery Channel, preferring shows on the environment, society and animals. Before moving to a music career full- time, he worked with autistic children. His mom is a homemaker and dad owns a carpet business. He's from a family of 4 boys and one girl who grew up in Massachusetts and Maine.
Once he decided that the music running in his blood was to loud to ignore, he answered an ad. The band Sudden Impact was formed in MA. Success followed but the band disbanded. He came to NY., was with the band Vibe Tribe, played with Skid Row then stole members of other bands to form "the ultimate band" HUMAN X.
T.C. also performs as a solo act. "I live and breath music." he says."I always look forward to perform anywhere from clubs with a few people to 40,000 people with no problem." When not on tour and in town T.C. hosts a open mike. "There are a lot of talented people in this little town" he says. He's "enjoying his time here it is peaceful." HUMAN X has toured extensively since 2003. "we play clubs, festivals, acoustic shows everywhere & anywhere. Last week they were at The Continental in New York City. The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY. They played Boston, Albany, Long Island, New Hampshire and other locations. The first CD "Wilted" has done well so far, it's available commercially through Rock Solid Music Group(record stores, i Tunes,, features 11 songs. T.C. says "it is a CD both teens and adults enjoy, parents fight their children for it," he laughs. "Anyone form a 10 yr old to a 50 year old will enjoy it."
When asked what the future holds for HUMAN X, T.C. says he sees the band doing "really well with new releases every couple of years." Their manager Rick M. Savoie sees a bigger picture with the band on MTV and more. For now they continue to play the smaller clubs, venues arenas they're used to, and enjoy every moment of their music making. They most, T.C. says, enjoy meeting fans-"They're what make us," he says. "The bigger you get the more hectic everything gets and you have less time for the fans." And that is exactly why, when you see him walking on Main St. here, you need to say hello.

Anybody who knows anything about Hudson Valley music has probably heard of T.C, the band's lead singer and acoustic guitarist, formerly of Monkee Boyz fame.
But T.C has long matured past jungle antics by cultivating his own acoustic originals and pumping them up. - George Fletcher

HUMAN X is a band that formed 3 years ago in Poughkeepsie, NY. Each member brings a different musical influence to the table, including classical, jazz, big band, and rock. However, though each member's journey was very different, all paths diverge in the land of Rock! Wilted is very definitely a rock album! The band's music is heavy, but not overly heavy – the music has dark overtones, but the technical savvy of each member prevents the CD from becoming just another "Heavy Metal" album. The lyrics are sung, not screamed; the guitars (played by Dee and TC) provide a lot of crunch and powerful rhythms, but are not so over-driven that the sound becomes muddy. They even play interesting melodic parts that make the songs sound incredibly polished! Blended with the bottom-end power of the rhythm section, (Brenner and Jiyo on bass/drums) the result is a very different sound that comes off as Old School Metal with an updated guitar and vocal sound.

I don't like providing too much focus on any individual, but in this case, I think the attention is merited! Lead vocalist TC has an awesome voice, and I think potential listeners should know that! He has a very cool, gruff voice that is well suited to the style of music that HUMAN X plays. In fact, his voice almost adds a Southern Rock element to the sound! (I may be hunted down and shot for my previous comment, but it's true!) This quality is particularly evident on the song "Don't Hate Me". The rhythm of the song helps to add to that feel, but TC sounds very comfortable singing in this style. (In fact, he is the lyricist and main songwriter in the band, so it had to come from him in some way!) Truly, the vocals are the signature component of this band's sound, and that fact should be acknowledged!

According to the band's bio, the recording of this album was a fairly laborious process. They had a lot of material to select from, and in fact, recorded nearly 16 songs before deciding to scrap it all, and start from the beginning, using new recording techniques and a different song selection. If it's any comfort to the band, the end apparently justified the means! After nearly seven months of hard work, the recording sessions resulted in 11 tracks that are all solid contributions; each song is well-played and well-constructed! Verses are solid, and choruses are powerful and hooky. All instrument tracks blend well, and the vocals (as already stated) fit the songs well and provide the perfect finishing touch! In addition, the lyrical content is interesting, and understandable! This is a heavy album that fans will be able to sing along with!

Favorite tracks for me reside toward the middle of the play list! "Inside Outside" is perhaps my favorite song, primarily because it is a song that I can hear being played on today's heavier pop radio, alongside Saliva, Chevelle, and many other similar bands. I don't like it just because it fits a particular format… I like it because it is a solid rock song that I remember after I've heard it!

Next is "Circles"; I like this one because of the cool vocals and vocal harmonies on the chorus and the bridges leading up to the chorus! It is a very powerful song!

My third favorite track is "Falling Down"; on this one, the guitar parts and rhythm of the song provide the glitter! I found myself nodding my head in time to the music when the song played, and whenever I put the CD in, I make sure to hear it!

There aren't any tracks here that I'm disappointed with. That usually isn't the case at all. All in all, Wilted is a solid debut from a group that has worked hard to represent themselves well in today's world of rock music! By all of the standards that I typically use to judge the merits of a recording, I deem this one a winner! There is a bit of something in this record that all Rock fans will enjoy!

Wilted is readily available in several national record stores, and from some of the biggest online distributors! I would recommend that you get a copy when you can, so that you can hear a fresh take on good, solid Rock and Roll! Also, be sure to check the band's tour schedule online, and take in the band's live show if possible! From all that I hear, HUMAN X sounds like they'd be a great band to hear live and loud!---Mark Lush, MWB 11/04/03 *Listen for HUMANX on MWB RADIO!
- Mark Lush

Front-man T.C. commands attention with his hypnotic and haunting guitar riffs and melodies created by his own unique style. - Unknown

Singer/ rhythm guitarist T.C. growls out vocals yet can still hang with some southern rock tinges . - A Miserable S.O.B.

But there's something loud 'n' crunchy on this granite-hewn debut disc that I like. Recorded at Millbrook Studios. T.C. is on lead vocals texture their balls-out drive on these 11 kiln-hot originals with eye-for-an-eye melodies, cognizant lyrics, and a challenging emotional bent.
Now I don't know if HUMAN X - the Hudson Valley's loudest sons - are teaching an old dog new tricks, but it sure sounds convincing. Three defiant, white-knuckled anthems - the single "One Last Breath", "Human", and "Don't Hate Me" - crank the ante for other bands to follow. Guitars slash, rhythms crash, and growls surge. "I am who I am / Please don't hate me now!" T.C. howls without apology or remorse. When he has a bad day, as he does on the Johnny Rotten-narrated Metallica-meets-Alice In Chains death match "Circles", T.C. wants the whole freaking' universe to know about it, and his punky pugilists make sure each decibel gets into them alien bones.

- Mike Jurovic

Rick M. Savoie is one of the diehards.
Two years ago, Savoie founded Rock Solid Music Group, a record label, artist management and publishing company that represents the culmination of a lifelong, rock 'n' roll rendezvous. Now, with the help of the fledgling label's signature artist, HUMAN X, Savoie will put his experience to charitable use when Rock Solid presents "Music To The Rescue," a tsunami relief benefit concert happening this Saturday, March 5, 2005, at Nicole's in Highland Falls, NY. In addition to HUMAN X, 14 other socially conscious artist's will appear on a bill that features everything from sensitive folkies to incorrigible rockers. Admission is $10 and includes food. Tickets are available at sponsor business sites, as well as from the participating artist's and at Nicole's the day of the show. The event begins at 3 p.m. and will feature a separate room with karaoke and family activities. Additional performers include Gravity Krush, Shift and Ron Young, along with a slew of other Hudson Valley talent.
The idea for the benefit came about when T.C., the front man for HUMAN X, and Savoie were watching a film about the devastation in south Asia. "After the video was over," says Savoie, "T.C. just turned to me and said that we had to do something. I thought it was very moving and heartfelt the way he reacted, and so we decided we should unite a lot of the musical artists in Dutchess County with the local community to help the cause."
"I was intrigued by the whole thing," says T.C. "I kept up with all the updates and I noticed there were a lot of scams. I wanted to show that there are people who will really help, and I wanted our band to participate in that."
HUMAN X is T.C. on lead vocals, Jiyo on drums, Road on bass and Deitz on lead guitar. The band was born in 2000 in Poughkeepsie, NY. It recently released it's debut album, but the process was not entirely smooth. When 16 recorded tracks did not meet the group's artistic expectations, they were disposed of in order to create something more representative of the band's intentions. The result is "Wilted" (2003), on the Rock Solid Music Group label. A cacophony of razor-edged modern rock, in which T.C., the bands primary songwriter, groans forcefully on topic as diverse as relationships and passage of time. HUMAN X has been building a rabid fan base by playing stops across the Northeast in anticipation of a more comprehensive tour, a new record (late 05, early 06) and its first DVD rocumentary, directed by Ian Barrett (Godsmack, Sevendust). With all this going on, you'd figure HUMAN X wouldn't have much time for altruism. But you'd be wrong.
"It makes me feel good to do something positive for the world," T.C. explains. "We did a benefit for cancer and helped raise $15,000. That was amazing. This tsunami benefit is going to have music from all different genres and it shows that there are a lot of artists who are concerned and trying to do good things. And it's the music that really bring people together. Music is essential for people all over the world, so it's a good way to go about raising money for the cause."
Savoie agrees. "Music can change lives, help someone kick an addiction, save a relationship. It heals people. It's something everyone can relate to."
Savoie also points out that the benefit owes a debt of gratitude to Nicole's, which donated the use of it's upscale banquet hall for the event. "We were going to go to a club, but Nicole's stepped up as a sponsor and we're very grateful for that."
"Music To the Rescue" is a heartwarming story on an often-bleak musical landscape. For T.C. and HUMAN X, it's the manifestation of a simple, but sincere vision of uniting artists with members of the community for a desperate purpose. It is proof that some good can come from even the most horrific circumstances.
"I want people to think of our band as part of the community, to show we are willing to help. And I believe in the power of music."

- Danny Lanzetta


Debut Self Titled CD completed.
Release date TBA
Tracks available:



Contact: Gavin Sloan or Rick Savoie

JULY 1, 2009

BANGCOCK signs exclusive agreement with Rock Solid Music Group

BANGCOCK, an original rock act based out of Hudson Valley, NY, has entered into a 360 deal with Rock Solid Music Group. This deal will cover artist development, recording, distribution, publishing, touring, and merchandising.

BANGCOCK and Rock Solid Music Group join forces to bring many years of experience in touring nationwide and performing before audiences ranging in size from 500 at national clubs to over 20,000 at festivals such as Locobazooka. TC, the bandÂ’s frontman and main singer/songwriter has years in live show experience. He has shared stages with rock icons from Disturbed to Bret Michaels (of Poison fame) and too many more to list. TC has released several CDÂ’s with other projects he has founded which brought great success throughout his career: HUMAN X, THE ANTHONY K BAND, etc, all have had national and worldwide recognition, as well as airplay and sales.

A CD release of BANGCOCK is set for 2009 (Date TBA) with a full tour to follow. Dates are currently confirmed in the Midwest starting in Detroit, MI in July and a trek down south into New Orleans, LA...continuing in the US throughout the summer.