Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash

 Shirley, New York, USA

Fun, fast, loud.. It's Bangers and Mash. Cranking out original songs or completely skewering a classic, "BAM" gives it all they've got, all the time. They'll keep you dancing in the aisles, raising a pint, and having a ball. Bangers and Mash is "Music for the Celticly Insane


Formed in New York in 2003, Bangers and Mash absolutely refuses to define itself as a “unique blend of fiddle and guitar” or “a cutting edge combination of rock and traditional Irish music”.

Make no mistake – they are unique, and they do blend fiddle and guitar, along with bass, drums, vocals and various other noise-making items. However, this is not the ubiquitous “Celtic Rock Band” performing the usual Irish Top 40. Perish the thought!

Bangers and Mash is a rare treat… a band of hardworking, talented musicians who perform their own music, their own way. Sure, you might occasionally find a familiar Irish tune dropped into the middle of a rock ballad, and you may even hear something that sounds vaguely like “The Fields of Athenry” now and then. (How “vaguely”? You’ll be on the third verse before saying “Wait a minute, I think I know this song!”)

What you will hear, from the opening notes of their first song to the last beat of the encore, is original, driving and brilliant songs guaranteed to stick with you the whole way home... and beyond. Songs that make you laugh, dance, think, sing along and come back for more. All delivered in a style that is uniquely Bangers and Mash.

Bangers and Mash features former members of bands such as Hiring Fair, Stricken, Strange Highway and more. The full-time line-up includes Liam Hudock Lead Vocals, Spoons, and Whistle, Carole Anderson on Vocals and Bodhran, Alexandra Adams on fiddle, guitar and Vocals, Chad Herth on Electric Lead Guitar and Vocals, Seth Lesselbaum on Bass, and Anthony Anastase on Drums


Mud Angel

Written By: Brenda Fallon/Seth Lesselbaum


Face down in the dirt. Too drunk to know I’m hurt
Tossed on me arse again While bucketfuls of rain
Pour down upon me head
Leaving me for dead

You’re the one to blame For all my stinkin’ shame
You needed time to think Which gave me time to drink

(Remember) You met me in a bar I’d walked there ‘cause me car
Had just been repossessed Ah lord I was a mess
You looked me up and down
And vowed to turn me round

And now me darlin dear It’s almost been a year
You roll your eyes and sigh And try to figure why
I’m tossed out of the pub
Making angels in the mud…

I’m just a Mud Angel
(tune riff here 2x)
I’m just a Mud Angel

We’re better off apart You’ll make a brand new start
I’ll lie here losing blood And rolling in the mud

You’ll find a man I ain’t Some kind o bleedin’ saint
A broken thing to mend And show off to your friends
I won’t be yours to save
To grow up or behave….

I’m just a Mud Angel
(tune riff here ?x)
I’m just a Mud Angel

Wherever Whiskey Flows

Written By: Brenda Fallon/Seth Lesselbaum

Wherever Whiskey Flows

Danny left his home in Dear old
Mary left her own beloved Clare
Somehow they both ended up in Boston
Neither one quite sure why they were there

Now Danny played the fiddle like you’ve never seen
He loved the seisiuns then and he loves them still
Mary was the star of a little Dot Ave bar
She’d serve ya pints while singing Spancil Hill

When Danny first met Mary she was crying
She missed her family, lord she missed them dear
Danny held her tight, and he played for her all night
He said remember this, and home is always near

Sometimes it gets lonely here in Boston
And home might seem a million miles away
But Ireland lives on both sides of the ocean
Wherever whiskey flows and fiddles play

Well it snowed like hell one Sunday in the winter
Danny could not wait for Christmas Day
A cushla sure you know that I’m impatient
But would you like to marry anyway

Mary rushed into his arms and kissed him
They fell together laughing on the floor
We’re still far from Clare, oh but Danny, I don’t care
I don’t think I’ll be lonely any more


Mary finally went home for her wedding
But she knew she and Danny would not stay
Life for them was now across that ocean
And she sang to herself on her wedding day

But Ireland lives on both sides of the ocean
Wherever whiskey flows and fiddles play

Chained to Walls

Written By: Chad Herth

Chained to Walls

I can never break these chains
I’ll let them rust away
I can never climb these walls.
I’ll just wait until they fall

Will these walls fall down on me
Will they fall into the sea
Break these walls,
break these chains
And look for me in the remains

As I try to gasp for air
Thinking I’m beyond repair
Buried under dirt and brick
Is this a crisis at its head
Or am I chained to walls again

Chains around my heart and soul
Chains of love that have grown cold
I feel chained to walls of stone
Broken hearted broken boned

The Music Keeps Us Drinking

Written By: Scott Carney

The Music Keeps Us Drinking

the boys were bangin’ all night long till sweet young D walked by
she had a low slung fiddle case and a glimmer in her eye

let’s hear ya play you wack’n-folly-fools,
play us a crazy song
let’s hear ya play you wack’n-folly-fools,
the music keeps us drinkin’

Chad hit a sour note and john rolled on his snare
scott tripped over a lyric he wrote and seth laid down a stare


he imagined jigs, he dreamed of reels, and it hit him in a flash
he’d ask young D to come on stage for to be the mash


she opened her case with a smiling face and rosined up her bow
then burned her strings while playing things she didn’t even know


the band exploded with a sound that was never heard before
the people started clapping even kicking on the floor


the owner of the rowdy pub was more than satisfied
he paid them twice the going price and praised them far and wide


there was plenty of craic they knocked some back and hopped into the van
after quite a splash bangers and mash were out of the frying pan

Nothing Stays the Same

Written By: Brenda Fallon

Nothing Stays the Same

It’s been too long since I’ve been home, been livin’ out here on my own
Don’t wanna face this night alone, nothing stays the same
I think of you, I miss your smile, I see it clear across these miles
To be with you a little while, but nothing stays the same

Nothing stays the same you know, seasons change and rivers flow
Dreams will come, and dreams will go, nothing stays the same

Remember walking by the shore, sharing secrets, sharing more
I swear I hear the ocean’s roar, nothing stays the same
I close my eyes and dream I’m there, smiling faces everywhere
But morning breaks and I’m aware, nothing stays the same

Chorus, verse break

Living in this foreign land, it’s not exactly what I planned
I think I finally understand, nothing stays the same
So in this pub across the sea, I’ll raise a pint to you and me
And all the things that used to be, nothing stays the same

Chorus 2 x


Ubiquitous Celtic Rock 4 song mini Cd
Welcome to the Seisuin Full length Cd.
New Demo 7 song mini CD
upcoming full lenght CD

Set List

Set 1
On That Day
Heave Away
Haul Away Joe
Fishermans Blues
Brown Eyed Girl
Ride On
Streets of London
Westray Mines
Shipping it up to Boston
Wherever Whiskey Flows
Free Falling
Mari Mac

Set 2
I Will Not Falter
Jigs/Out of the Frying Pan
Nancy Whiskey
Mud Angel
Trouble with a Capital T
Born to be Wild
500 Miles/Purple Haze/Pony Drowned in the Lake
I Won't Stand in Your Way
Musical Priest
Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Star of the County Down
Fields of Athenrye
Never Again
Reel it Out
Night Pat Murphy Died
Whiskey in the Jar

Set 3
Dirty Old Town
Bring it On Home
Christmas Reel
Quicksand Café/Paddys Farewell Jig
4 & 20 Virgins
Chained to Walls
Wild Rover
Mustang Sally
Drunken Sailor