New York City, New York, USA

Bangladeafy! is a berzerker drum and bass duo out of New York with a propensity for high speed, animated beats and riffs. Living somewhere between the worlds of thrash, latin, prog and punk, a Bangladeafy! dance floor looks something like people consensually trapped in a pit of snakes.


Bangladeafy! came together after a chance encounter in 2006 at an open jam at a small coffee house in St. James, New York. While seeing great potential in each others cutting room-like styles, Atif and Jon set off to bottle audial lunacy. After wrestling with multiple combinations of musicians and instrumentation, they decided two was enough.
Since October 2009, Bangladeafy! has been displaying their uncaged freakshow of musicianship up and down the east coast while being well received yet still having lawsuits against them for unrepairable melted faces.

The name Bangladeafy! is a portmanteau of Atif's Bangladeshi origins and Jonny's sensio-neural hearing loss(an exaggeration of "deaf").


"This Is Your Brain on Bugs"