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Bang OK Bang

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Alternative Garage Rock




"BAng OK Bang, Chemicals"

Their blend of sounds includes lots of stoner metal along with punk and psychedelic and more old-school metal. There’s nothing wholly new or original here, but the sound they have is all their own. It’s also quite strong. - Music Street Journal

"Bang OK Bang- Chemicals EP"

"Bang Ok Bang: Onomatopoeic bliss...Chemicals is impossible to smear with just one genre: a rough-edged, fidgety affair that sees the duo revisiting the plug-in-and-play aspect of grunge, while combining the fuzzed-out, sonic assault of stoner and noise-rock. Genre-bending aside, Chemicals is a rumbustious release." - Chybucca Sounds

"EP Review - Bang Ok Bang 'Chemicals'"

" Over these four all too brief tracks, the two-piece keep it miminimal, glue-sniffing, agit-blues that sounds a little like The Black Keys' cooler, heavier older siblings enjoying a couple of tabs with MC5 and The Stooges. It's raw, beguiling stuff, singer-guitarist Ben Lowry wrapping his honey-dipped drawl around some of the sleaziest proto-stoner riffs we've heard around here in a while, drummer Abby Hairston keeping things ticking over with some brilliantlyloose limbed percussive battery."..."This is fucking fantastic stuff, and my only criticism really of the EP is that it isn't longer.This is what bands in NME think they sound like, the perfect fusion of sex , heaviness and danger, that elusive spark that marks all the best rock n'roll.Music to fuck and fight to, possibly at the same time. . . . though don't quote us on that."
- Born Again Nihilist

"Bang OK Bang, Chemicals"

What they have here on their debut EP Chemicals, released July 6 with an incredible high-energy set at The 5 Spot in Nashville, are four tracks that meld the metal with the punk and the hardcore with the hard classic rock. Traces of Motorhead, Fugazi, Sabbath and even some rougher Pearl Jam stuff are just a few of the influences swilled into the scummy cup, starting with the opening blast of “Above The Surface,” whose catchy riff has to be my favorite of the whole record. There are plenty of bands out there that are “raw” and whatnot, but the draw to Bang OK Bang, I think, may be how artless they are about it. When you see them live, you can see that their songs aren’t performed with the underlying message “LOOK HOW PUNK WE ARE”—they just like to play the hell out of their instruments. - The Murfreesboro Pulse

"Bang OK Bang"

"Little emotion registers in faces of some Nashville crowds like this one, but the stood at attention as Lowry and Hairston literally banged and crashed their way through the set. A large part of Bang OK Bang's charm was stage presence and handling of their instruments, particularly in the drummers case. Hairston can always be counted on to brutalize her own drum kit, and she didn't disappoint;
with hair flying and drum skins trembling, she was like cliched reincarnate of some 80's metal god." - Music Connection

"Bang OK Bang: Chemicals"

"Bang OK Bang have created the most intoxicating groove I've heard yet this summer...The song is entitled Above the Surface, available on their debut EP, Chemicals. Above the Surface is stellar in songwriting and sludgy exectuion and has this listener hooked. This Nashville, Tennessee duo have combined what they call 'dirty noise and bone grinding rhythm' with some southern soul that's sure to please all of the Heavy Planet family."
Heavy Planet 7/18/12 - Heavy Planet

"Bang OK Bang"

"Bang OK Bang are an amazing Sludge Rock Duo fusing Garage Rock, Stoner Rock and Punk Rock to truly spellbinding effect. Abby is a phenomenal drummer and she proves it time and time again. Her drumming nothing short of brilliance. Match this up with the great guitar work of Ben and you have a truly great band to keep an eye out for. His vocals has a slight Grunge feel to them blended in with their Southern Rock roots to stand out from the crowd. Chemicals is expertly produced and and played by all involved. This is a release you will be checking out time and time again. Brilliant Stuff and Highly Recommended." - The Sludgelord

"Bang OK Bang CD Release Show"

"Bang Ok Bang joins the A-list Nashville two man bands, The White Stripes (RIP), The Black Keys and Jeff The Brotherhood. The only difference is Bang Ok Bang would be a great opener for somebody like Queens Of The Stone Age or Slayer. Ben puts a twist on Chet Atkins picking style... with some gnarly snaking fuzzy bass lines a la Vincebus Eruptum, with stripped down Ministry- influenced- at- Motorhead speed chords and notes. The only other player I have seen that simultaneously can play the low end and the chords and melody like a total fake out is Lightnin’ Malcolm, the bad ass one-half of the 2 Man Wrecking Crew with Cedric Burnside.
If I had to compare them to any regional scene band it would be Black Tusk out of Georgia witnessing a little “Hillbilly Voodoo” at a Southern Gothic movie convention in Cordova, Alabama with Ministry providing the soundtrack, Juicifer providing cocktails and Henry Rollins on vocals." - The Nashville Bridge


Still working on that hot first release.



Hailing from Nashville, TN, Bang OK Bang is dirty noise and bone grinding rhythms. Their debut EP, "Chemicals," released in July 2012, has already gained critical acclaim and radio play in Europe and the US.
Bang OK Bang is comprised of the former rhythm section of Nashville Rock and Roll powerhouse The One Through Tens; Abby Hairston and Ben Lowry. With this new band they have taken their sonic approach and turned it into an all-out assault by combing Stoner Rock, Garage Rock, Punk, Metal, and Southern Soul, creating a sludgy, high decibel stew of energy and sweat.