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Playing all sorts of cool and groovy stuff from the 70s & 80s plus startlingly catchy guitar pop originals! ***NEW*** CHECK OUT THE BRAND NEW VIDEO OF "ME TOO" AT:


There was a time when musicians in Sydney could play seven nights a week in pubs, clubs and wine bars all over town. Four of those who did often bumped into each other while on the same bills as big overseas or homegrown headline acts.

In the late 1990s these four found themselves in need of a musical re-generation in the guise of BANG SHANG a LANG!

Mark Mulligan, Bruce Carter and Murray Cook had been in The Transistors (with Mark and Murray later going on to form Finger Guns); Clyde Bramley was playing bass for the Hoodoo Gurus touring the world with U2 and the Bangles and churning out hits that are still the staple of Aussie rock today.........meanwhile Murray eventually went on to a career path that somehow led to wearing a red skivvy in The Wiggles but that's another, much longer story!

On the other side of the world resided a young lad named RIchard Stevens who had played in local bands around his hometown of Leeds in the UK, little realising his destiny would see him meet up with the other four in pounding the keys for BANG SHANG a LANG from 2003 onwards.

These five were still being driven by the passion to perform and, armed with a clutch of well-chosen covers of their favourite songs from the 70s and 80s in addition to superb new original material by charismatic front-man/guitarist Mark Mulligan, they began to storm back into the pubs and clubs of Sydney; such was their popularity that they scored a monthly residency at the gloriously appointed Unity Hall Hotel in Sydney's beautiful Balmain - now entering their fourth hugely successful year at this historic venue. Such has been BANG SHANG a LANG’s huge popularity at this venue that the pub has even created a fabulous drink called the ‘Harvey Bang Shang a Langer’ in honour of the band – exclusively available at this hotel only!

With not one but two masterful CDs recorded recently, featuring a smattering of their live favourites on 'UNREAL, ORANGE PEEL!' as well as some of Mark Mulligan's superb pop/rock classic originals on the 4-track EP 'EVERYONE'S A STAR', the band is now hitting the airwaves of Sydney and even Canada and the U.S [thanks to support from the band’s cult-like following in North America] with airplay on some of Sydney's hip and happening stations as well as Canada's Majic100-FM!!

Big things are just starting to happen for BANG SHANG a LANG – you can read much more about the band through their official website as well as on their MySpace page!


Unreal, Orange Peel! - Album
Everyone's a Star - EP

Set List

UNREAL, ORANGE PEEL! track listing includes:
Baby Come Back
Everyone's a Winner
Rebel Rebel
Just Can't Get Enough
Don't You Want Me
Rock and Roll Part II

EVERYONE'S A STAR EP track listing:
Bluer Than Your Smile
Everyone's a Star
A Simple Life
Me Too