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Get it on

Written By: Pharlon Randle

Baby lets get it on
all night till the break of dawn baby loving that friction

Baby lets get it on
all day till the sun sets down and the birds stop chirping

Girl I cant seem to get you out my mind
Everytime I close my eyes I see your sillouette, standing over me
I cant even turn on the radio, all that freak shit they be playin
You really put one on me last night
I didnt know you had it in you like that
Now all I do is daydream of us
cant wait to get home run some bathwater for us
A lil champaigne by the tub side
I even got that special oil you like
Hurry up and get home so we can do this right
Babygirl I craving your taste tonight
Damn, Its on now

Repeat Chrous:

They got a Mardi Grah open
next week
Kick it with me honey
I know we get a lil freaky sometime but I dont mind being with you
Energy like sunshine, youre a dime peice sista
Baby girl Ill walk a straight line , till the end of time
Just as long as you remain a friend of mine
There aint nothing in this world like you and I
Break it down no hesitation like the back of my ride
but the main thing is I can vibe with you
Still catch the chills, butterflys and thrills
Only one way to show you how a brotha feel
And action speaks better than words

Repeat Chorus