Tampa, Florida, USA

BANIC MUSIC is the musical journey of BANIC. Described as Unique with a Classic Feel. Influenced by Classic Rock, Folk, Blues, R&B, Country, Americana....


Hometown: Tampa, FL

Genres: Americana / Singer/Songwriter / Folk Rock

BANIC was born and raised in Tampa Bay, Florida. He still lives there to this day. BANIC was raised by his parents an Air Force pilot and an artist. He loved the sound of the guitar at a young age. His uncle and brother showed him the musicians that would form his dream of being a songwriter. A few of those artists are Eric Clapton, David Coverdale, Hank Williams, Bill Withers, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, and Jim Croce among others and many more since.
He started playing guitar freshman year of high school and played his first show that year. He actually lettered in guitar. He loved to play but could never find his place. He has had many almost bands, mostly failed to his music integrity. He stopped playing and was more of a listener and helped other musicians with their sound and security.
He started writing a few songs in 2001 when he was given the name BANIC. He did one show at Insomnia Coffee House. Then he met the love of his life and got married with his two beautiful girls. He put his guitar down and lived the domestic life.
Then one day he picked up his guitar and was playing around trying to play those old songs. When his oldest daughter walked up to him and asked him to play a song and started to sing along. He saw that his daughter had the same love of music he did at the same age. Due to this experience he wrote a song for her “My Favorite Song�.
He looked back on those old songs and was playing around with them and noticed they told a story. Due to this he decided to actually do his dream and be a musician. Those songs ended up being his debut Blue Butterfly EP. He started to do a few shows at a coffee shop and did the radio program Center Stage with RJ.
Now do to the great feedback he got on the EP that he recorded and played all the instruments on. He is now working on his first full length album. His name is not known now, but he plans and doing more shows and getting in front of his growing fan base the BANIC SQUAD. So stay tuned for the next installment of the BANIC MUSIC story.


Blue Butterfly

Written By: James N. Barton (BMI)

Verse 1
You are my blue butterfly
I am your wildflower
Your wings blend into the sky

Verse 2
You shine in all your glitter
I am dark in my ways
You make life a whole lot brighter

Fly on blue butterfly
Fly on to your tree
Fly on blue butterfly
But, don't. don't forget about me

Verse 3
You are my good news
I am the classifieds
You make love feel so true

Verse 4
You should never leave
I am your dreamer
You make me wanna believe

Fly on blue butterfly
Fly on to your tree
Fly on blue butterfly
But, don't, don't forget me

You're my blue butterfly
I am your dreamer

Cigarettes and Coffee

Written By: James N. Barton (BMI)

Verse 1
It is sometime in the mid morning
I sit alone with my cigarettes and coffee
The waitress fills my cup of life again
But, it does not wake me from my dream

Verse 2
I have no place where I call home
I have no place to lay my worries down
The place where I lay my head is not home
It is just another hole where I stay

Verse 3
Some pop sensation plays on the radio
There is no soul just cheep harmony
My guitar lays cold in my bed
While I listen to this shit and burn my lungs

So fill my cup of coffee one more time
So I can stay awake in this nightmare
Light my cancer stick one more time
So I can breathe my last breath
I did not sign up for this life
But I will manage till my cup is empty
and my cigarette burns away


Blue Butterfly EP