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Debut album entitled "Dredgar Cayce" released March 11, 2012. Posted on and among others. Featured on the Snowgoons - Dynasy in 2012 with Planet Asia, Krondon, Rass Kass, and Aims. Also featured on the Snowgoons - Kraftwerk in 2010 with Beenie Man and Crooked-I.


Banish is quickly becoming a renowned west-coast rap artist. While building an online buzz with a series of free monthly downloads, he gained the attention of the German production group The Snowgoons. He has since appeared on the last two of their albums, 'Kraftwerk' in 2010 with Beenie Man and Crooked-I and 'Dynasty' in 2012 with Planet Asia, Krondon, Ras Kass, and Aims. His Debut album entitled "Dredgar Cayce" was released independently on on iTunes Mar. 11 2012. With guest appearances by Crooked-I, Beenie Man, Rakaa, Ill Bill, Reef the Lost Cauze, King Magnetic, Doap Nixon, Demoz, Outer Space, Block McCloud, Aims, James Heated and production by Snowgoons Sicknature, MTK, Aims, King Jahzzy, DJ Rybe, ManyBeats Vherbal, Koncept, and Vans Beats. It has had blog coverage on, among others. Banish is the voice of the west coast's hardcore Hip-Hop.


2012 Snowgoons - Dynasty (featured artist) - CD/digital album
2012 Banish - Dredgar Cayce - digital album
2012 Banish - Shot Me in the Heart - digital single
2012 Banish - We Nah Play - digital single
2012 Scarcity - Back to Business (featured artist) - CD/digital album
2012 Solicit and Travisty - Conspiracy Theorists (featured artist) - CD/digital album
2012 Alter Prod - French Revolution (featured artist) - CD/digital album
2012 The White Shadow of Norway - Savage (featured artist) - CD/digital album
2012 DJ Lowcut - NY Minute (featured artist) - 12"/CD/digital album
2012 Soul Slicers - Boost da Soul (featured artist) - CD/digital album
2012 Midiflash - Pleased to Beat You (featured artist) - CD/digital album
2011 Randam Luck - Graveyard Shift (featured artist) - CD/digital album
2011 Armada - Downtime (featured artist) - CD/digital album
2010 Snowgoons - Kraftwerk (featured artist) - CD/digital album
2010 Keepers of the Light - Y.D.K.W. (featured artist) - digital single
2007 Keepers of the Light - Never Surrender (featured artist) - 12" single
2004 Madd Joker - Shootout in the Capitol - Shootout in the Capitol Pt.2 (featured artist) - CD/digital album