Banish Misfortune

Banish Misfortune


"Banish Misfortune, our name our purpose!" Helping folks keep their Irish up since 1980, Banish Misfortune is Oklahoma's premier Celtic band, and certainly the longest running! Featuring authentic Irish step dancing, lilting tunes and lovely singing, this band lives up to it's name!


Jigs, reels, hornpipes, waltzes, slides, --these are just some of the musical styles played by the group Banish Misfortune in the course of a concert. The dance tunes cover the musical map from Ireland to Scotland, Wales, Finland, Cape Breton, and the Appalachian Mountains of the United States. Many tunes are just for listening, while some accompany the dancing of Jean Hill, an award-winning Irish step dancer and teacher. Hill presents traditional Irish step dancing which includes light shoe and hard shoe dances such as slip jigs, hornpipes and treble reels. Audience members are often invited to join in impromptu lessons.

The musicians, who have performed at numerous Celtic celebrations across Oklahoma, including the Seven Nations Celtic Festival in Yukon; the Wearing of the Green Festival in Broken Arrow and the Irish Association’s Saint Patrick’s Day Festival in Midwest City, play with authentic lilt and lift. In addition to the beautiful traditional music and exciting and intricate dancing, the group provides educational workshops on the history of Irish music and dance.

Banish Misfortune was founded in Oklahoma in 1980 by local legend Steve Vanlandingham, a teacher and archaeologist who plays guitar, mandolin, banjo, and bouzouki. The current line-up includes: Miranda Arana on flute and backup vocals. She spent her 20s traveling, working and living in Southeast Asia and currently teaches world music at the University of Oklahoma. Jean Hill, award-winning dancer of the group, is founder and master teacher of the Irish Arts Oklahoma dance school. Dana Morrow, who is the heart of the Banish sound with her piano playing, gives a great drive to the dance tunes, as well as a sensitive & lovely touch to the ballads and airs. Susan Pierce sings and plays bodhran and flute and whistle. She received her degree in vocal performance from UCO. Terry Blood is the newest member of the group. She plays a fiery fiddle and mandolin and enjoys harmonizing as well.


The Journey Home (2000)
Our Name, Our Purpose (2003)
Last Night's Fun (2006)

Set List

New Year’s Eve – 2006

Set One (45 min)

Peg Ryan's Polka / Ger the Rigger

Song - Men of Worth

Dance - St. Mary's / Church St.

Canyon Moonrise / Miss Rowan Davies

Song – Motorway

Dance - Kilfenora / Keiley's

Limberjack Polkas

Song - Broom of Cowdenknows

Dance - Walsh's / Mason's Apron

Sheebeg Sheemore / Calliope House

Song - Ratlin' Bog

Martin O'Conner / Finnish / Clinch Mountain Backstep

Set Two (45 min)

Bakerswell Polka Set

Song – My Love is Like a Red Red Rose

Dance - St. Patrick's

Margaret's Waltz / Lady of the Lake

Song – Tell me Ma / Riding on a Load of Hay

Dance - Fig for a Kiss / Butterfly

Shady Grove/ Arkansas Traveler

Song - Hugamar Hayn

Dance: Audience Participation: Off She Goes

Kilmona Barn Dance (violin, piano, mandolin)

Song - Start It All Over Again

Mt. Road / John Stenson’s / Julia Delany

Set Three (30 minutes)

Casey's Hornpipe / Bus Stop

Loch Lomond / Scotland the B