Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

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From Vancouver, BC. Formed in 2010 by Jordan Minkoff of (kinda) well known Canadian band Slam Dunk. Guitars, drum and bass. Influences range from T.Rex, The Clash, Built To Spill to old reggae music, soul and surf. New album "Lifes Nutso" self-released in September 2013. Other members are Tanner Matt (Bass) and drums from Babysitters (Aden Collinge). Some bands they have played with include The Strange Boys, Built To Spill and Tune Yards.

CMJ (August 2013) says:

" ...This time the shiny, echoing surf guitar is paired with far-away, almost eerie vocals, and electronic sound effects. Some tracks take a more in-your-face approach, relying more heavily on gritty guitar and pounding drums while bringing those vocals quite a bit closer. A quirky album of rich arrangement that manages to sound cohesive even with such genre bending between tracks"

A Music Blog, Yea? (August 2013)

"...The diversity of the album makes it hard to determine where the sound fits, it’s far from any cookie-cutter genre. It’s smoother than garage rock, sassier than alt, and cooler than pop, I’d coin it nomad wave or perhaps, nothing other than really really good..."


Luminious Piles Of Fir - 2008

MidJuly - 2010

Lifes Nutso - June 2012

Set List

45 minutes