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BankRoll Jonez

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From the author of Skroll Muzik, the CEO of Get Money Movement/ UGK Records own Shield swangin`, Queen City's 1st son, BankRoll Jonez is back. For those of you who was tuned in and those whom he just made acquaintance with, BankRoll is a breath of fresh rawness in a time when real shit is needed.


If energetic, flamboyant, get money niggas had a spokesperson, it would be Bankroll Jonez. Considered the modern day Curtis Mayfield of the streets, powerful music displaying the horror while capturing the beauty of the street life from all aspects.

Bankroll Jonez was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina until the age of 13. Thats where he got an education in crime and latter moved to Illinois, intoxicated by the fast track of Chicagos south side. There he got a taste of the pimp-life while dealing drugs. After maximizing his potential for getting money illegally, he was able to incorporate his sound and surroundings like a present day Donald Goines or Iceberg Slim. As a Ghetto Family and Trill Life Records All-star, he soon made a name for himself throughout the Midwest on the underground circuit. Relocating down south to Memphis, Tennessee where he learned the Indie Label game while creating 2 genre and sounds called Hoe Stroll Music and Dope Boy Blues. From 1997 through 2006, relentless touring and overwhelming stage presence, enthusiastic showmanship has permitted him to move thousands of units through the south Midwest region. Thus, earning him a strong, loyal fan base. In 2005 Bankroll Jonez encounter with Ruff Edges Traffic Man lead him to the merger making them both Co-Founders of Get Money Movement.

When asked about this Bank Roll Replies, 8 independently released albums, countless collaborations and guest appearances, all over the last five years. Look this is how I eat. I spend $.75 a copy, sell them for $10 a piece, and pocket $9.25. Then sell at least 50-60 per day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. You do the math, thats why they call me Bankroll Jonez. All Legal. Get Money or Get Moving.


1. Money Hungry Vol. 1 -- 1998
2. Porno Starz Soundtrack -- 1999
3. B.P.O.G./ Black Prince of the Ghetto -- 2000
4. Rags 2 Riches -- 2001
5. Pussy, Money, and Weed -- 2002
6. Money Hungry Vol. 2 -- 2003
7. P.I.M.P. Vol. 1 -- 2004
8. Not Gon Stop Me -- 2005
9. Duffel Bag Money Vol. 1 -- 2006
10. Duffel Bag Money Vol. 2: Grindin Under Surveilence -- 2007
11. Skroll Muzik -- 2007
12 Paper In My Pocket -- 2008 upcoming project

SKROLL MUZIK -- Track List
1. (Intro) Don "Magic" Juan -- Blessing
2. Skroll Muzik Feat. G.M.M.
3. Hustla
4. Pimpin Pay Good Feat. G.M.M. and Ivory P.
5. Watch Me Feat. 17 and Cory Mo
6. Slumz
7. Pimpin` Ken -- Endorsement
8. Pedigree Feat. Pimp C of UGK/ Jive
9. Cleana feat. B-E-Z
10. Bust Yo Azz
11. Jake Tha Flake a.k.a. Mr. J. -- Endorsement
12. Show Ya
13. All My Life Feat. Trae of ABN/ Rap-A-Lot
14. Get Em Up
15. So Cold
16. Cold Cold World
17. Let Me Be
18. Buffy The Body -- Declaration
19. Hell Yea Feat. Billa
20. Streetz Run Deep