Banshee in the Kitchen

Banshee in the Kitchen


This popular California trio finds the sweet spot between old and new - traditional Celtic music, modern acoustic arrangements, from flat-out rocking to intricately beautiful.


Banshee in the Kitchen plays Celtic music with eclectic skill and merry abandon. Touring and recording since 2002, the trio has delighted audiences in festivals, theaters, living rooms, and countless other venues from New York to Los Angeles, and soon, Japan. They take traditional Celtic tunes, find the sweet spot between old and new, stirring it all up with trademark playfulness and musicality they term “banshee-fying”.

Banshee in the Kitchen's performance at our house concert brought the audience to its feet with a standing ovation, and a well deserved encore. Fun, fun, fun!
- Russ & Julie, producers, Russ and Julie’s House Concerts

Critics praise their instrumental precision and flair for arrangement, concert producers love the way they can pack a house, educators rave over their ability to tap into the passion of their students, while audiences applaud the fun and oh-so-musical experience of being with Banshee in the Kitchen.

The audience loves them. Not only are they accomplished musicians, but they are very engaging, excellent performers.
- Patrick Moran, producer, Long Beach Celtic Festival-by-the-Sea

On stage, National Champion hammered dulcimer player Brenda Hunter (fiddle, hammered dulcimer) and Jill Egland (flute, accordion, whistle) trade off inspired flights of lead and counter melody over dynamic backing by Mary Tulin (six- and twelve-string guitar, bouzouki). No strangers to the microphone, the three trade off lead and backing vocals on a choice selection of songs, as well as jocular commentary in between.

Jill and Brenda were ‘locked in’ as tight as any rhythm and blues band. With Mary at the microphone, they launched into the best version of ‘False Knight on the Road’ …ever.
- David Nigel Lloyd, The Blackboard

Albums and Radio play. With the Banshees’ latest release, Live at Painted Sky, the band has five albums to its credit: Invite the Light: World Music for Winter (2006), Even Hotter Water (2005), Catching the Mooncoin (2003), and If We Were Us (2002). All are radio favorites on public and independent stations across the land and cyberspace. Public Radio International’s Echoes Nightly Soundscapes has featured many tracks from Invite the Light and Catching the Mooncoin, along with two Living Room Concerts and a feature on Banshee in the Kitchen. Public radio stations on the West Coast favor the bands’ upbeat Celtic material, along with numerous on-air performances and interviews.


Live at Painted Sky (2008, Speirbhean Music)
Invite the Light: World Music for Winter (December, 2006, " ")
Even Hotter Water (2005, " ")
Catching the Mooncoin (2003, " ")
If We Were Us (2002, " ")

Set List

Banshee in the Kitchen draws from a repertoire of approximately 70 sets, tunes, and songs to create 50-minute sets, play up to 3 sets a show. Their music is drawn from the Celtic traditions, with a dash of Americana, and ranges from very rocking reel and jig sets, to drop-dead gorgeous airs.