Banshee in the Kitchen

Banshee in the Kitchen


Banshee in the Kitchen is three women playing and singing traditional Celtic music, infused with elements of jazz and rock, for an eclectic, playful acoustic sound.


Banshee in the Kitchen plays and sings traditional Celtic music with high energy, originality, and a touch of the modern.
From New York to Los Angeles, Bakersfield to Dewey, Arizona, audiences have cheered Banshee in the Kitchen’s quirky blend of tunes and songs. During our first year, BITK has performed at southern California’s Summer Solstice and Claremont Folk Festivals, CTMS Free Folk Festival, the Southwest Dulcimer Festival in Arizona, and Kern County’s own Highland Games. We gussy up and play for formal events just as easily as we don more, er, bohemian attire for parties, pubs, coffee houses and yes, festivals.

Our first CD, "If We Were Us", is just out and taking the Bakersfield market by storm. Also available through and, and soon,

Brenda and Jill met years ago at local musical gatherings devoted to Irish and old-time music. They greatly admired each other’s playing, yet went on to join different bands. Along came Mary and joined Jill’s band, and for a brief stint, so did Brenda! Destiny struck. The three sparked musically, and ignited the creative synergy now known as Banshee in the Kitchen.

Speaking of which: Brenda always wanted to be in a band called Banshee; Jill liked the feminist ring of Barefoot in the Kitchen. Mary chimed in, "How about Banshee in the Kitchen?" And so we were. It’s Irish (the Banshee part), and it evokes an image, right? Well, we think so.


If We Were Us (full-length CD)

Set List

We have 3-4 50-minute sets worth of traditional material. That is, combined "sets" of instrumental tunes (reels, jigs, and polkas, for the most part) sometimes with songs mixed in. We also do a number of songs and tunes by themselves. Our sets vary from show to show, with moods ranging from rocking to gorgeously melodic.