Banzai is a Brooklyn band formed in 2004. Banzai plays original, eclectic music, with influences including jazz, hip-hop, funk, and pop. Melding creativity with accessibility, mashing different genres together, Banzai establishes a logical flow that has made them a musical force to be reckoned with.


Banzai originally existed under the name Defibrillator when the band formed in 2004.
At the beginning of 2007, Banzai tied for first at a battle of the Bands at the Knitting Factory with Blondes Pass Out. Later in early summer, Banzai completed its first EP, Please Enjoy, and it is now on sale. In March 2008, Banzai won first place outright at a Knitting Factory battle of the bands. Banzai has also played clubs throughout the New York area, including Cake Shop, Rocky Sullivan's, Fat Baby, The Silent Barn, and others.


EP: Please Enjoy, 2007

LP: Kablooie (Here Comes the Fun), due out September 2008

Set List

All originals. Some of our most popular songs are Hide and Seek, Peach, Sue, The Fuzz, and The Storm Subsides. We typically do a 45-50 minute set.