Baoku & The Image Afrobeat Band

Baoku & The Image Afrobeat Band


Baoku & The Image Afro-beat Band uses Afro-beat music, a combination of western music with African instruments and languages as a musical expression of peace, love, unity, truth and justice. TIAB is currently nominated for Best World Music Award in the CEA 2006 Cincinnati, OH.



Afro beat:
Afro beat, a musical combination of western jazz with African instruments and languages is a musical expression of peace, love, unity, truth and justice.

Baoku Moses, a Yoruba native from Nigeria, West Africa, living in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S., is a professional, cultural performer of African arts. Baoku started his Afro beat career in 1997, shortly after the passing of Afro beat legend Fela Kuti, the father of Afro beat. Baoku uses Afro beat to preach, teach, entertain and educate about the issues facing all of humanity. Baoku, a professional African drummer, integrates African drums such as the Nigerian bata and talking drums, djembe and Senegalese bottom drums and much more into his music, which distinguishes his style of Afro beat from others.

The Image Afrobeat Band:
Baoku started his Afro beat career in 1997. One of Baoku's goals is to create a great Afro-beat band, that will take Afro-beat music to a greater height in the music industry. With "The Image Afrobeat Band" and their powerful music , Baoku hope to bridge the gap between cultures, the gap between "the haves and have-nots", create appreciation for cultural diversity, appreciation for life and nature and to contribute to building a peaceful world.


Baoku’s debut CD OKODORO ORO “The Realistic Reality”, is not just a masterpiece but a divine message.

FREEDOM: The first song, speaks about true freedom, which can not be given or taken. Freedom of the mind. (8:37).

SOWA DAA BI means “Is it good like that?” Is it good for the majority to be suffering while the minority is enjoying? (8:25).

KOWA DEY NA SA means “Everybody with their own”. Everything is the same everywhere. The pain, the gain, suffering, smiling, situations, conditions, sadness, happiness, feeling and dying. All absolutely the same all over the world. One people, one world. (7:05).

ORO SUNUKUN translated as “Deep issues”. This track talks about the gap between the “haves” and “have-nots”. (7:37).

FREE NIGERIA is about freeing the nation from corruption. Is it only Nigeria that needs freedom?
(Free Nigeria is in finals ISC 05) (6:16).

ALAKITI calls “Everyone” to gather. To come hear the message of truth, “The Realistic Reality”, OKODORO ORO. (8:25).

The rising Afro beat legend.

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Set List

Baoku has over 70 powerful Afro beat songs and a
CD OKODORO ORO “The Realistic Reality" 04.


SOWA DAA BI "Is it good like that": 8:25

KOWA DEY NA SA "Everybody with their own": 7:05

ORO SUNUKUN "Deep issues": 7:37


ALAKITI "Everybody": 8:25