Barbara Stephan

Barbara Stephan

 Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA
SoloPopAdult Contemporary

Barbara Stephan has a rich, soulful style that fills her voice and her songwriting with heart!

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  • Barbara Stephan Vocalist

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Footsteps on the Floor

Written By: Barbara Stephan

Verse 1
I like the way you reach for me
And I
Feel your fingers running through
My hair
Just like you were there
I thought that was your hand touching mine
But I
See that it was just the wind
Playing with my mind again.

They say that it's all in my mind
They say that it will just take time
But they can't see what I can see
It's not for them
It belongs to me
The shadows moving in the hall
I hear you speak and I'm not frightened at all
It's not that I can't let you go
I just can't ignore
The footsteps on the floor.

Verse 2
I see you in your favorite chair
By the fireside
I wonder what the light reflects
Since the world you've gone is the next
I have to keep this secret safe
Keep it inside
Or they just might take me away
I would ache for you everyday


Have It All

Written By: Barbara Stephan

Verse 1
Fragile, velvet hand
Dark hair in the wind
I'm taken there again
I was scared
You were so young
You were laughing in the summertime
I had ice on my tongue
Now the time has gone so fast
Don't you linger in the past
'Cause I

I want you to live
I want you to fly
I hope you will laugh
much more than you cry
I want you to rise
I want you to fall
And believe
You can have anything, anything
And you'll have it all

I hope someday
That you will know
Everything I did was for a reason
To help you grow
It's gonna take a little time
But I have patience with life
oh, it's so sublime
So go on now
And don't look back
Don't you linger in the past
'Cause I


Don't let your life get you down
Don't let anyone push your dreams around
'Cause I


You Are

Written By: Barbara Stephan


Verse 1
You are the reason
I feel
You are the reason
I belong in this world
And to think that I
I had given up on love
You are
A star
Verse 2
You are the reason
I cry
Tears of joy and winds of change
oh they're cleaning out my life
and to think that I
I had given up on hope
You are
You are
And so I will give to you every part of me
Take it and run before I change my mind
No my heart's not made of glass
Don't worry if you fall
I will forgive it all
Verse 3
You are the reason
I dream
Oh your very existence
Makes me want to be everything
and to think that I
Oh I had almost given up
Oh you are
You're so beautiful
You are
Oh you are wonderful
You're so magical
You are
You are
A star