Barbara Andrews

Barbara Andrews


IMDartist, of pop alternative music, I have been told I have the voice of Alanis Morrisette, Cranberries, and Avril Livine, I Write ,Produce and Perform alot of my own music. I do perform cover songs


I have a one of a kind style, one you will never get over, (you know your hooked , when my music is stuck in your mind).
I always say "I'm gettin out my wings"


"Forever and a Day" is my 1st CD released in 2001, it has had radio Play Boston, L.A. and in NYC.
You can listen to my music on my website

Set List

My set list is usually songs from Alanis, Cranberries, and Sarah M, Dido, And of course my own.
-As Long as Im with you (orig)
-One Way(orig)
-I Love You(orig)
-Are you still Mad(cover)
-Arms of the Angel(cover)
-Jagged little pill (cover CD)