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BARBARA CADET @ Gaiety Charity Concert

Gros Islet, None, Saint Lucia

Gros Islet, None, Saint Lucia

BARBARA CADET @ Coconut Bay Beach Resort

Vieux Fort, None, Saint Lucia

Vieux Fort, None, Saint Lucia

BARBARA CADET @ Jade Mountain Resort

Soufriere, None, Saint Lucia

Soufriere, None, Saint Lucia



Stade de Baduel et Le Jardin Botanique

Pour cette nouvelle édition du Kayenn Jazz Festival qui commence le 29 semptembre, le métissage est à l’honneur. Mélange de rythmes avec des influences africaines, européennes et sud américaines.

Le jazz se vit en live. Parce que seule la scène permet de voir la force, les refl ets, la fragilité, la puissance, la douceur, le mystère des musiciens.

Pour cette septième édition, outre le verdoyant « Jardin Botanique», la mairie de Cayenne a souhaité innover en accueillant les têtes d’affiches au stade de Baduel complètement repensé pour l’occasion.

mardi 29 septembre

Lieu : Hôtel de Ville de Cayenne

18h30 – Accueil des invités
Prestation de l’Ecole Nationale de Musique et de Danse (E.N.M.D)

19h00 – Allocution d’ouverture
Monsieur Rodolphe ALEXANDRE Maire de la Ville de Cayenne
Madame Sandra TROCHIMARA Adjointe au Maire Déléguée
à la Culture

19h30 – Conférence-débat

Thème : Influence des Femmes dans
la Musique Jazz
Intervenant : Monsieur Jean-Paul ROTAM et
Monsieur Christian MEDUS

20h30 – Prestation de l’Association Musicale d’Action Culturelle

21h30 – Prestation du groupe KOMANTI

23h00 – Fin

mercredi 30 septembre

Lieux : Bibliothèque Franconie et Musée Départemental

17h00 – Allocution d’ouverture
Monsieur Rodolphe ALEXANDRE, Maire de
la Ville de Cayenne ou son représentant
Monsieur Alain TIENG-LIONG, Président du
Conseil Général ou son représentant

17h15 – Ouverture de l’exposition « Littérature et Portraits en Jazz »

17h30 – Prestation musicale en Live (Guyane)

20h00 – Fin

Lieu : Jardin Botanique

19h00 - Allocution d’ouverture
Monsieur Rodolphe ALEXANDRE Maire de
la Ville de Cayenne ou son représentant
Monsieur Alain TIENG-LIONG Président du
Conseil Général ou son représentant

19h15 – Prestation de l’Ecole Nationale de Musique et de Danse (E.N.M.D)

20h00 – Jazz au Cinéma- Projection de film

22h00 – Concert du groupe Jocelyn Furcy Quartet (Guyane)

23h00 – Fin

jeudi 1er octobre

Lieu : Jardin Botanique

19h00 – Allocution d’ouverture
Monsieur Rodolphe ALEXANDRE Maire de la Ville
de Cayenne ou son représentant
Monsieur Alain TIENG-LIONG Président du Conseil Général ou son représentant

19h10 – Concert de Léopold Héder Jazz Ensemble (Guyane)

20h00 - Concert de Dominique Leblanc ( Guyane)

21h00 – Concert de Barbara Ann Cadet (Sainte-Lucie)

23h00 - Fin

Vendredi 2 Octobre

Lieu : stade de Baduel

19h00 – Ouverture avec l’hymne du Kayenn Jazz Festival interprété par l’orchestre Harmonie
Discours d’ouverture de Monsieur Rodolphe Alexandre
Maire de la ville de Cayenne

19h10 – Concert du groupe Mayouri (Guyane)

20h30 – Concert de Géraldine LAURENT

22h00 - Concert de Christian Mc BRIDE and INSIDE STRAIGHT (U.S.A)

00h00 – Fin

Samedi 3 Octobre

Lieu : stade de Baduel

19h00 – Concert de Robert DEDE (Guyane)

20h30 – Concert de Sarah LAZARUS
(U.S.A, France, Antilles)

22h00 – Concert de SIXUN
(France, Antilles, Afrique)

00h00 - Fin - Guyane Scoop

Barbara Cadet at Jazz 'n' Creole 2011, Dominica - Minchie Israel

Quality Jazz-Creole at Fort Shirley - Andrews Publishing Co. Ltd

Quality Jazz-Creole at Fort Shirley - Andrews Publishing Co. Ltd

If you attended – or heard about – the Arturo Tappin show last month, you know that jazz is well and truly alive at Russell’s Fort James; and that there is an audience for it.

MOJO Productions – Dorbrene O’Marde, Mandy Cameron, and Clarvis Joseph – know it, too. They continue to capitalise on that interest with this Sunday evening’s Play One For Russell 2. The featured artiste this time around will be Barbara Cadet.

Cadet is no stranger to Russell’s, as, according to a MOJO release, she’s been there three times before. When the grouping thought, ideally, of attracting a female artiste to headline their Father’s Day concert, with her Antiguan following and jazz credentials, the Caribbean “jazz apostle” proved an ideal choice.

Cadet is described as a multi-instrumentalist (sax, keyboards, drums, vocals) and credited with having “stylistic diversity” built on a strong jazz foundation.

Her latest CD Define This! has reportedly been hailed as “one for genuine aficionados and collectors of the genre.”

MOJO was able to snag her fresh from events like the main stage at St Lucia Jazz and the Dominican Jazz and Creole Festival. - Antigua


Define This!
Indigenously Yours



Barbara Cadet - Cross Over Jazz
(Songwriter, Composer, Arranger, Singer)(Saxophones:Tenor,Alto,Soprano/Piano and Vocals)

Accomplished musician/vocalist/arranger/composer - Barbara Cadet originates from the United Kingdom with deep roots in the Caribbean island where she was raised.

After being educated academically and musically in the United Kingdom, Barbara moved back to St. Lucia in her early twenties, where she headed the Woodwind Department of the St. Lucia School of Music and taught for several years.

Her residency in St. Lucia allowed her to gain a vast background in working as a musical director and producer of various large projects and with musical groups. She was co-founder/arranger of the 40 piece Allegro Steelpan - all female band - which performed and competed, professionally and successfully, in St. Lucia's ‘Panoramas’ and other main stage events.

Barbara was also the Producer and musical arranger of the group, Sisterhood, which consisted of 9 female vocalists that performed on Mainstage St. Lucia Jazz, and in other Caribbean countries at various events.

As recent as 2011, she was the musical director/composer/arranger for the The St. Lucia Collective which consisted of some of St. Lucia's iconic jazz musicians performing on St. Lucia Jazz Main Stage.

Over the years, she was commissioned to produce sound tracks for theatre and dance such as, Anthem and Esperance for St. Lucia's 25th and 30th National Independence celebrations, Twist of Folk for Silver Shadow Dance Academy on their performances for Carifesta, and also for the Animation Center at La Place Carenage, Castries.

Barbara's work is in high demand nationally, is of historical value to St. Lucia, and the quality and professionalism is brilliant. Simply put, she is highly reputed.

The St. Lucia National Archives commissioned her services in the musical production and documentation of four (4) musicals of Roderick 'Roddy' Walcott - renowned playwright, brother to St. Lucian Nobel Laureate, Sir Dereck Walcott.
In June 2012, Barbara Cadet was chosen to represent St. Lucia by performing for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee 'Picnic Party' at Buckingham Palace, which preceded the celebration concert at the front of the Palace.

One of her greatest experiences was performing at the Birthday Party of the Prince of Morocco at the Royal Palace in Rabat, where she featured a steel orchestra and a solo sax ensemble.

She has performed regionally at many festivals in Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Grenada, Aruba, Dominica, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.

Barbara has been the opening act for many celebrities such as Tanya Maria, Patti Labelle, Anita Baker, Spyro Gyra, John Legend, Richard Bona Alfredo De la Fe, Mike Stern and Chuck Brown.

She has collaborated with great musicians such as Khalid Kounen, the Paris based Moroccan born virtuoso percussionist, Saxophonist extraordinaire Luther Francois and legendary guitarist Ronald 'Boo' Hinkson of St. Lucia.

Over the years her experience in directing, producing and arranging for large groups as well as her commissioned work for several national landmark event productions resulted in her nomination and award of the St. Lucia Medal of Merit (Gold) in February 2004.

In 2008 Barbara launched her maiden CD 'Indigenously Yours' on Main Stage St. Lucia Jazz, described as her contemporary twist on St. Lucia traditional folk music.

This versatile artiste is a much celebrated and entertaining performer who specializes in vocals, and instrumentation such as keyboards, Soprano/Alto/Tenor Sax with which she moves from one to another with such fluidity that mesmerizes her audiences wherever she performs.

Look out for her new upcoming CD 'Define This'! Diverse, Dynamic and Passionate! A testimony to her musical journey thus far!