Sherwood, Oregon, USA

Country style Barbie delivers a great mix of all around country and classic rock n roll hits from the 50s and 60s. A songwriter that tells a great story.


Country girl at heart, Barbara Cecil grew up in the countryside of Oregon. As a little girl she wanted to become a singer and entertainer and thats exactly what she has become. Currently working in a 50's and 60's Rock N Roll show band Called "Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts", she travels the Pacific Northwest doing concerts for fairs festivals, carshows and corporate groups. This is tight group that has opened for great names such as The Beach Boys, Chubby Checker ,The Kingsmen and Paul Reviere and the Raiders to name a few. Barbara was country long before she joined this group, and still enjoys working with her second band called,"Barbara Cecil and the Roadhouse Angels. The Name for this group came about when Barbara Wrote the song, "Roadhouse Angels." A Tribute to the loyal fans that followed her in her early days of working at a place called the Roadhouse.
This group is where Barbara gets to perform her original music as well as all her favorite country music. Some of the musicians from the Limbo group also work with this Roadhouse group. Barbara also works solo using professionally recorded background tracks. Barbara opened for the great Chris LeDoux in 1999 and has since self released three CDs. Last year Comstock Records released two of her CDs in Europe and each received a generous amount of airplay. Barbara just returned from a trip To Nashville where she showcased for Indevo Records, and they are now looking to pitch her original songs to publishing companies they work with. Barbara is a beautiful talented singer songwriter that has a gift to share. for more information go to or or contact Barbara Directly at barbi, or 503 784 2689.

* Interesting Fact
Barbara worked for 2 and a half years as a look alike Barbie for little girl bithday parties.


Roadhouse Anels

Written By: Barbara Cecil

Roadhouse Angels Barbara Cecil

I'm on my way to work its another friday night
I'm all dressed up with my sequins on and I'm headed for the lights
on the other side of that river just beyond the railroad tracks
to a place they call the roadhouse where you can lay a cold one back
and when the sun goes down and its quitting time there's no place that I'd rather be
than singing to the roadhouse angels that are watching over me

I'm singing to the roadhouse angels, they've got their wings tucked up their sleeves
they've got cowboy hats on their halo's oh but their not fooling me
I guess it just goes to show you no matter what you believe
things arn't always as they look not always what you perceive

some might call them barflies and some might call them drunks
I can tell ya when their flying high or when they're down in the dumps
I don't pass no judgements I just smile at them and sing
cause I can see the light shining in their eyes I know its all a part of the game
And when a fight breaks out in the corner and the poolsticks start to swing
I can count on the roadhouse angels to be watching over me


Now there are angels in the heavens and there are angels on this earth
and the angels in the barroom yeah their keeping me safe at work
the angels all like music can do a mighty fine two step too
take a ride on the mechanical bull ain't nothing the those angels can't do
And when the bar shuts down and the lights come up and the whole place starts to leave
I can count on the roadhouse angels to be watching over me


I'm singing to the roadhouse angels, singing to the roadhouse angels, I'm singing to the road house ,singing to the roadhouse angels

Oh Daddy

Written By: Barbara Cecil

Oh Daddy

There's a little girl in the neighborhood who's only five or six years old
her mama and daddy sat her down and said theres something you must be told
her daddy had his suitcase packed and it was waiting by the door
and mama said we can't get along and daddy's not living here no more

Oh her daddy's heart was breaking and her mamas heart was too
she wasn't sure just what to say and didn't know just what she should do
and then her mama left the room so that her daddy could say goodbye
and he put his arms around her and the tears fell from his eyes

and she said
Daddy please don't worry I'll always be your little girl
and no one else will ever love you more than me in this whole wide world
You'll always be my here and I'll always look up to you
oh daddy please don't cry those tears cause I'll take care of you

There's a young girl on her wedding day and daddy's walking her down the isle
he can't beleive this day has come yesterday she was just a child
Oh all these years of loving her how could he ever let her go
then she took his hand in her hand and said oh daddy don't you know

that daddy you shouldn't worry i'll always be your little girl
and no one else will ever love you more than me in this whole wide world
You'll always be my hero and I'll always look up to you
oh daddy please don't cry those tears I'll always be here for you

They'll always be a special bond between daddys and their little girls
and the love so strong that it never leaves the heart of a little girl

There's an old man in the hospital soon it will be his time to go
his daughter sits beside his bed crying with her head down low
Oh all these years together she never thought they'd ever part
and now its time to let him go and with the last beat of his heart
he says

Darlin please don't worry you'll always be my little girl
and no one else has ever loved you more than me in this whole wide world
you've always been my hero and i've always looked up to you
oh darlin please don't cry those tears cause my love goes on with you

Oh darlin please don't cry


Barbara Cecil "Big Trouble Now" self released 1999.

Barbara Cecil " Roadhouse Angels" self released 2005.

Barbara Cecil " Nostalgia " self released 2008.

International release with Comstock Records in 2008 with Roadhouse Angels and Nostalgia CDs.

Set List

Set lists are taylored to each event.
Sets can be as follows:
1 45 min set
2 45 min sets
2 one hour sets
1 1hour set
2 1hour sets

Sets include original songs from Roadhouse Angels CD and Big Trouble Now CD combined with country crossover cover songs. ( artists such as Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Dixie chicks, Wynona Judd, LeAnn Rimes ect.

Roadhouse angels CD

1.Wanting What I Don't Need


3. Roadhouse Angels

4. Oh Daddy

5. Down In The Valley

6. Big Trouble Now (remix)

7. He Thinks He Knows (the only way thats right)

8. Crazy

9. Edelweiss

10 Don't Be Sayin

Big Trouble now CD

1. Oh Whats a girl to do

2. What kind of Fool

3. She is Love

4. Don't Be Sayin

5. Big Trouble now

Songlist available upon request.