Barbara Gant

Barbara Gant


From Carnegie Hall to the choir stand, Barbara Gant can touch any soul willing to receive her gift! Barbara records gospel, jazz, and inspirational music, and she writes lyrics and arranges vocals for gospel, Americana, R&B, inspirational music and jingles.

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Written By: Barbara

We are made in His image
No one can take what God has given
Everyone's unique in their own way
So when you think you don't fit in, lift your head and say...

I am fearfully and wonderfully made- from my hair type to my shoe size and my light brown shade. Who can perfect a melody that God has already played? For you- I won't change. And if I change myself, it won't be because of something you want me to be. God's love for me- it's all in me: surrounding me.

Don't ask me to change to someone else. I'm not trying to hate on you, but I must be myself. If you do not approve, then I guess you betta' move on. Don't wanna start an argument, but every flaw is where it belongs.


People if you love yourselves
(Then put your hands up)
You don't have to be nobody else
(Just put your hands up)
Red or yellow black or white or brown
(Put your hands up)
Male or female mother father child
(Be what God made us)


Out of the Dark

Written By: Barbara Gant

In the dark, in the middle of my nightmare, I can see a light; someone's calling after me. In my heart, though my feet are walking elsewhere, I can feel my spirit pulling me to go the other way. And my heart starts racin', someone's chasin' me back home- right where I belong. If my feet stop moving, Lord I'mma lose it. You know I love you; I know I should trust you, but temptation's pulled me down into a lost and found. Lord I'm on my bended knee so you can come and claim me.

Father please forgive me; I'm sorry for everything. I just want to let you know that I still love you, and I still need you; and I can't believe you still bless me in spite of all my sins. Please give me direction, so I can get out of the dark.

In my mind, there is constantly a battle, and I know, in you, I can have the victory. But everytime, when I think I have the answer, I forget about your promise and I do things my way. But I'm lost without you and that's just the truth. I'm not winning when I'm sinning. Lord I need your power- my strong tower. Re-arrange me; I want you to change me 'cause my life is no life at all if I don't answer your call.


Lord I need you- long to hear you. I'm crying, and I'm trying to break this vicious cycle.


Uncloned is Barbara's first recording, and it can be acquired by contacting Beautiful Stranger Publishing at