Barbara Holliday-Speaker/Trainer

Barbara Holliday-Speaker/Trainer

 Canoga Park, California, USA
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Barbara is an established Entrepreneur, Speaker and Trainer who consistently wows audiences with her professionalism, business saavy and stand-up comedy skills HER MISSION: To instigate and motivate through humor and play!


Barbara Holliday began her Career as a Television performer and Kids Club Host "Roxy The Fox" on air Mon-Fri she energetically helped inspire children's television programming in the late 80's at Twentieth Century Fox. Barbara wrote and produced, and starred in over 350 shows. Some her clips have been featured on Worlds Funniest and other major network shows.

After that Barbara worked for Fox Television, and Warner Bros before owning and operating several different entertainment related businesses including Attention to Detail Graphic Design (Est. 1989- Sold 1996) , Digital Design LA, Inc, Graphics and Computer Training for the Entertainment Industry (Est.1989- Sold in 2010), H2F Comedy Productions (Est. 2000 which eventually merged with her current venture Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant , which has two locations one in in Burbank and one in Claremont CA.

She is also busy Speaking, Training and Producing comedy with her passion business, Barbara is an established Entrepreneur, Speaker and Trainer who consistently wows audiences with her stand-up speaking skills and stories about growing on food stamps and living in a trailer to successfully starting her own businesses and letting go of her painful past and healing through comedy. Her mission is clear: To instigate and motivate through humor and play!

Holliday was born in Long Island, New York to computer programmer Paul Holliday and visual artist Madeline Baker, she also has one sister. When she was younger her family traveled and moved around a lot, from New York, to San Diego, CA, then after her parents divorced and mother remarried she eventually ended up in very small town called Eagle Point, Oregon where she finished out her high school years. She believes her multi-talented capacity for business, producing and performing and is a result of being raised in a thoroughly mobile, adaptable left brain/right brain family.

A graduate of San Diego State University, Barbara also acquired her CBEST certification and a degree in Theater Arts (Hon.) English minor in 1989,

Since moving to Los Angeles in 1993, Holliday started a Computer Training business that caters to the entertainment industry, has been on Eleven Game Shows, performed in films (Naked Gun 33) and television shows (Friends, The Dating Game, Worlds Funniest), on stage (Funny Girl, Hello Dolly, West Side Story), in theme parks (Magic Mountain) and as a stand-up and sketch comedian (The Comedy Store, The Icehouse, IGBYs, Mr. Bs, Ha Ha Caf, The Improv and various other Showcases throughout the country. She has also worked as a Clown, and balloon artist at local theme parks, as well as being the Producer and Co-Creator of the Live Stage Shows: Uncle Clydes Comedy Contest, Jokeyoke, and Survival of the Funniest.
Not only is she a credentialed Teacher in the State of California, she is a member of MPI, SAG, NACA, APCA, and AFTRA as well as the Burbank Chamber of Commerce, ASTD, and the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE).

Today Holliday lives in Burbank with her boyfriend Dave Reinitz (The Jet Blue Guy- You gotta ask about this story!) and fellow stand-up comic. At home, they enjoy testing out new comedy material on their favorite audience members their Beagles, Bozley and Penny and their two cats Cosmo the Kitty & Abby the Tabby.


Quotes to Laugh & Live By

Written By: Barbara Holliday

Live Happy!

Its only a Big Deal if you make it a big deal!

What Are You Waiting For?

Ask Questions?

Take any and all feedback anyone has to offer. It will only make YOU stronger and Smarter!

Set List

The Hollywood Series- Producing Your Own Career
The Entrepreneurial Spirit
Instigating Confidence
Seven Silly Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople
Marketing & Promoting YOUrself!
How to Get on A Game Show & Other ways to Sell YOUrself!
Producing Successful Live Comedy Events
Technology & Entertainment- The Merge!
The Art of Follow Up
Yes I’m the Girlfriend! (The Jet Blue 292 Story)
New Manager & Associates Training
TeamBuilding & Leadership
Game Training- How to Add Interest to any Presentation!