Barbara Markay

Barbara Markay


Barbara Markay's music is a meditation though dance. She fuses World rhythms and Asian/Indian melodies, designed to entice you and keep you entranced for some time, so perhaps you may achieve a higher state ... or you may just enjoy swaying to the beat.


BARBARA has studied piano since she was a child. At the precocious age of ten she won a scholarship to the prestigious Juilliard School of Music where she graduated from the college division as a composer and pianist. She has worked with some of the top names in the industry, ranging from Quincy Jones, Martin Scorcese, & Michael Jackson (in the production of the "Bad" video) to Eric Clapton, Carly Simon and George Duke, and doing musical arrangements for the Saturday Night Live Band. She has performed with Bruce Willis, singing back up with his blues band, The Accelerators. In 1996 she was honored by being chosen as the music director for the annual Christmas play in Puttaparthi, India for Sathya Sai Baba. Barbara is influenced by the likes of Angelique Kidjo, Peter Gabriel, Robert Johnson, Celia Cruz, Caetano Veloso, Irakere, and Reverend Milt Brunson and the Mississippi Mass Choir.

Barbara first started out on a college tour with her group in England. She came back to the U.S. and performed in her original musical comedy review called "Little Lulu" in Miami Beach for a season before returning to New York City. There, she opened her new show at the famous Half Note Club on 52nd Street. In the 80's she had a hit record called "It's Alright" put out by WEA International in Holland for the European , Asian and South American market. It became #17 on the Billboard pop charts. The next year she had another hit in France called " I Don't Wanna be a Zombie" put out by the Musicdisc France Label. It became #2 on the French dance charts.


Change To Come

Written By: Barbara Markay

I got my old life packed away
Done all that I can do
I’m waiting patiently, for something new

Yeah something good’s gotta happen soon
I feel it in the air, there’s
Too many hopeless faces everywhere

And I’m just waiting for a change to come
I been waiting for a change to come

Been lookin’ for a better way
I need a change of heart
I’m getting set to play, a different part

Each day I’m list’nin’ for the call
Ready to take my stand
And any moment now, I’ll hear the plan


So baby, take this love, into the light
And turn the night to day
Together we can start again
Together we can shine the dark away

And I’m just waiting for the change to come
I been waiting for the change to come
Waiting ‘till we are all one
I know something good is gonna come

Fallen Angel

Written By: Barbara Markay

Finally settled for something
Ended up with second best
With all your searching for your place in the sun
You settled in for so much less

Finally settled for someone
But real love takes a little time
And this illusion that you hurried to find
Has up and left you far behind

Ah - fallen angel
Fly like a moth to the flame
But it was just the fire below
And it can’t free you from your pain
Ah - fallen angel
Fly like a moth to the flame
I see your wings have melted away
You cried for help but no one came

So you tried flying higher
Trying to free your tired soul
There’s no illusions in this lesson in love
The fire always takes it’s toll

Ah - fallen angel
Fly like a moth to the flame
But it was just the fire below
And it can’t free you from your pain
Ah - fallen angel
Loneliness comes to an end
And wings grow back and next time round
You’ll get a chance to try it once again

Escaping to your freedom with your ashes laid to rest
Reaching to your place in the sun
Reaching for a truer love to put your soul to rest
The love that makes us all be one

Still Need You

Written By: Barbara Markay

There’s a silent thread between us
We both can feel the pull
And all the strength you see in me
Is woven in this wool
And even though you see me
Stand alone so well
It seems I don’t need anyone
To break my magic spell

But I still need you to love me
And fill me with your grace
I need to lay beside you
And feel your warm embrace
Yes I still need you to love me
To hear the angels sing
And though it seems old fashioned
To me that’s everything

We’ve waited for each other
So far along the path
You filled me with your fragrance
You looked behind my mask
Our hearts have sewn together
The fabric of our lives
And my independence lets me see
The strength in all our ties


So baby, don’t you worry
That we might come undone
The love we have between us
Shall bind us into one
I’m making my connection
Just playing out my part
But no matter what I’m doing
You’re always in my heart
Ah ….. cause I


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