Barbara McCrary

Barbara McCrary

BandChristianChildren's Music

The most inspiring Christian artist today only on Emerged Records


I have a passion to reach the broken hearted and those who have lost all hope.

To bring a word of encouragement and direction through song to those who've gone astray.

I have living knowledge and faith of how things all do work together for our good when we Love God and are fitting in according to His purposes.

God has given me a desire to use the gifts that he has given me in song and prophetic worship to bring healing, encouragement,restoration, and deliverance.

I truly know that nothing is too difficult with Jesus in my life. He has been my hope and strength through many things.


Barbara's first release under the Emerged Records, Emerged Gospel label.

Set List

Set's are normally 1 hour or as the spirit leads. Barbara's sets may at times include a performance with children. (Contact office regarding full set performances) or just solo performances.