Barbara Panther

Barbara Panther

 Berlin, Berlin, DEU


Many an artist present either a unique sound, profound lyrics or a striking personality. With her self-titled debut album, Berlin-based Barbara Panther succeeded in being the epitome of all the aforementioned characteristics - and much more. The singer takes risks, relating musical styles which no other person have dared to bring in one context yet. The result is an exciting journey through universal sounds, unprecedented magical arrangements, moments of beautiful melancholy and the creative explosion of unforgettable impressions of her past, the present and the future.

Rwandan born Panther grew up in Brussels, Belgium, before moving to Berlin where she has lived now for five years. Ascribing only little significance of this experience to the songwriting process the artist elucidates; “I´m intrigued by the universe, water and the moon, and their interdependencies which you can notice on the record’s sound and theme”. Apart from having a strong spiritual interest in Mother Earth, Panther faces up to profound questions of existence on ‘Moonlight People’ and ‘O´Captain’, scrutinises the disapproval of ethnic groups on ‘Rise Up’ and deals with religious issues on her first single ‘Empire’.
‘Empire’, to be released September 10th, is a song fraught with variety, tension, powerful choruses and a hectic beat. In contrast, it also features a gentle part which represents the album´s innovative friskiness very well. Coming to a compromise, her electronic experiments in new musical territories can be embraced as modern pop with an avant-garde and baroque influence.

Panther´s musical flamboyance was encouraged and produced by no other than Matthew Herbert, a wizard with electronic music’, also known as Radio Boy and Doctor Rockit. Having produced both Róisín Murphy´s and The Invisible´s debut albums, he also worked with artists, such as Bjork, R.E.M. and Yoko Ono. Together, Panther and Herbert were able to create novel sound landscapes, intending to generate fascinating images in the listener´s mind. “Matthew had the idea of throwing real chains against an electric heater which, in ‘Rise Up’, conveys the feeling of living in a prison in this world. However, the song ‘O´Captain’ communicates a very physical atmosphere as it gives the impression of being on the sea, literally feeling the wind on board”.

Despite representing a lyrical depth, the 13 tracks admit space for all sorts of interpretation. Panther´s energetic and eclectic vocals which incorporate qualities of pop, rap and soul music, are even reminiscent of the voice of an opera singer in the track ‘Rollercoaster’, outclassing other singers by far. The latter song shows skilfully arranged stylistic inconsistencies: a big band, playful synthesisers and opera vocals. Panther who creates a mystery about herself has been compared to the likes of Grace Jones and Bjork before. In fact, she admits; “I may also create a futuristic and mystic feeling because I´m black and the music doesn´t sound black at all”.

Both the singer´s futuristic, outstanding melodies and style are implemented into honest and passionate live performances with Panther dancing in an expressive way to visuals. To mark the occasion of the release of her debut single ‘Empire’, she is playing a special show on the City Slang stage at Berlin Festival the same day, being accompanied by five people on cellos, violins and trumpet.

Being concerned with the personal discontent of her environment as thematised in the track ‘Voodoo’, she says; “If you call this voodoo then it is necessary to term it white voodoo, white magic, not the black one which is continuously lived out in this world – but definitely not by me”. Barbara Panther´s appearance at Berlin Festival and the release of her debut album certainly represent white magic´s entering wedge into our everyday lives.

Text by: Ines Punessen



Written By: Barbara Panther

I've got a bulletproof brain, no time to go insane.
I've got my own religion, running through my veins.

Trapped inside the vampire's empire.
He drinks from the source of inspiration, my blood, the only salvation.
I'm just a simple messenger, a contemporary passenger.
He turns me into a rebel which I'm happen to be in the base.
I came to see the devil, he left his records in my case!


Say it now, right in my face: "You have been playing poker, you look just like the joker"!
Say it now, are you making your own race?
With plastic in their faces, you're faking up that race!

Say it now, your empire's falling: "A fool fools a fool".
Say it now, the earth is calling: "A fool fools a fool".
This is your last chance don't hide out of self defense: "A fool fools a fool".
This is your last chance don't hide out of self defense: "A fool fools a fool".

I used to dream a lot of God, I thought he was a farmer.
After all the nightmares that I've got, he turns out to be a harmer.

It's time......

Sugar come over...(X3)


Say it now, right in my face, you made all those people,
have your own race, but the name of the game is, let me tell you: A-ha,a-ha,a-ha, Jesus would have done the same.

A-ha,a-ha,a-ha, I can feel the Earth calling.
It's time, don't you think it's time?
A-ha,a-ha,a-ha, I can see your empire falling.

I think it's time to let nature rule, time to let nature rule! (think, think, time, time, nature, rule...)
I know it's time to think it's true, nature rules! (think, nature, time, I think it's time to let, think it's time to let...)


Say it now, your empire's falling!
Say it now, the earth is calling.....


Written By: Barbara Panther

Different flavours in my mouth, odd words are coming out.
They come from you, blue's the sound.
You're far and wide, you're all around...


I must be dreaming a dream.
In which we dream each other awake,
You see all, I see you.
I'll put on my lipstick to kiss the fire.


So many colours no eyes yet have seen.
To draw a painting upon the silver screen.
Electric minds pulling my hair.
Blueberry skies, delirious eyes...


In the ghosttown,in the ghosttown...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm....
Teach me how to sing your ghosttown blues..
In the ghosttown, in the ghosttown...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm....
Like moonlight, mmmmmm, like moonlightpeople do.

The starlight in your eyes,a mystery to mine.
No you don't have to go, you came from far down slow.
Let's not wait for tomorrow, let's not wait for tomorrow.
You'll be changed, rearranged.


In the ghosttown, in the ghosttown...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm....
Teach me how to sing your ghosttownblues..
In the ghosttown,in the ghosttown...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm....
Like moonlight, mmmmmm ,like moonlightpeople do.

Bye, bye, I'm taking off, I'm going to bring all my love...
Like moonlight
Bye, bye, I'm taking of, I'm going to bring all my love...
Like moonlightpeople do....


Written By: Barbara Panther

Oh Captain take me on a trip.
Oh captain, please don't leave the ship.
I want to get deeper, wake up the sleeper.
I want to go to the bottom, OOH, OOH, OOH.
Lovely bottom you are.



Written By: Barbara Panther

Every night I pray like a bitch,
that one day the poor will eat the rich and I don't care if that makes me a WAH WAH WAH witch, like hannibal the cannibal!

I came to shake up your list,
I'm a warrior in the mist, born free, real anarchy,
back in black, no imitation, natural transformation!

Mister Frankenstein...
You wake up my evil, you treath 'em, you eat 'em, don't let me make your labratory history!
It's a mystery, your labratory...

Let the royal feast begin,
gonna let my royal people in,
I can see the future sun what are you doing at the both sides of that gun??

This is no joke, the wizzard spoke, this gold is not shining, it is declining.
Move over to the other side, gotta move over to the other side!!!
This is no joke, the wizzard spoke, for all of you cursed, gonna make the bubble BURST!!
Gotta move over to the other side, over to the other side!
And keep it natural!
Gotta move over to the other side, over to the other side!!!

Move over to the other side, gotta move over to the other side.
This is voodoo,we feel to heal,wake up and make it real.

Make it real..
Move over to the other side, to the other side, gotta move over to the other side. X 2

This is voodoo....(till the end)