Barbara Payton

Barbara Payton


"If Led Zeppelins dynamic frontman Robert Plant married raunchy singer Bette Midler, their offspring just might look and sound like Barbara Payton, the lanky throaty rocker from Detroit combines Plant's worldly hippie outlook and raw sensuality with Midler's dramatic flair and cabaret style."


"This is a rough diamond, a polished gem that is proud of it's flaws, which is what rock & roll should strive for in this age of premanufactured garage band ethics and sheen-and-preen production. Enjoy The View is a rare record to come out of Detroit because it embodies the entirety of it's regal rock & roll tradition, not just a tiny sliver of it. Payton is the Detroit singer to watch and learn from as well as admire." Quoted by Thom Jurek of the web site AllMusic.Com


Enjoy The View

Written By: Barbara Payton

Verse 1: I woke up with you, breathing breath into me, unveiling all, I did not want to see, am I so unworthy of the second chance, still I'd dive again, engaging in this dance.
Chorus: Enjoy the view of you through my eyes and seize my soul sweet compromise.
Verse 2: Basking in your beauty, the presence of your wake, overwhelmed by the knowing , of all there is at stake, grieving at the altar, of unrequited love, I'm wondering if you've felt all your worthy of,
Chorus: Enjoy the view of you through my eyes, and seize my soul sweet compromise.
Bridge: You penetrate this frail skin, so willing let in, a voice will haunt and soothe the ache, all fears will dissipate.
Verse 3:Where is my strength, to let this go, where is the peace, that we should know, I'm begging please, ride this out, so selfishly, amidst the doubt,
Chorus: Enjoy the view, of you through my eye and seize my soul sweet compromise.


Walk On Water-Ocean Records Canada
Enjoy The View-Divine Right Records USA

Airplay in Detroit on WCSX 94.7
Airplay on SIRUS

Set List

Hour or hour 1/2 long sets
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Covers-Led Zeppelin,Janis Joplin,Traffic,Eric Clapton,Bette Midler, Joan Osborne, AC/DC