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Immanuel Waltz

Written By: Barbara Tipper & Ng Wah Lok

Verse 1
The silence of a hillside, a Bethlehem night
is rent by the chorus of angels in flight.
From shepherding duties surprises and jolts,
inspires the watchers in Immanuel waltz.

Verse 2
So rushing excited to the ramshackle sty
they see a baby, a crude place to lie.
A place for the poultry, donkeys and colts
becomes the place for Immanuel waltz

Immanuel waltz, let’s join in the ball!
We dance and we twirl, round candle-lit hall.
Immanuel waltz, God with us! Amen!
Let’s waltz around the world with
Immanuel again

Verse 3
Sages came from the East, observed the new sign,
followed the star, sought the King most divine.
O’er the child’s dwelling place the royal star halts.
There they join in the Immanuel waltz

Verse 4
Immanuel, Son of God with us on earth.
Amazing He stooped to a most humble birth!
Most Royal lamb without blemish or faults
dips once and rises in Immanuel waltz.

Terracotta Toes

Written By: Barbara Tipper

Verse 1
You turn from the mirror and your make-up’s flawless
A twinkle in your eye says you’re ready to groove
A toss of your hair through manicured fingers
And fashion that states “Look! This girl’s on the move!”
I see your smile
Your face it glows
But how can you dance
when you’ve got terracotta toes?

Verse 2
You sign all your emails “Yours sincerely”
I can’t help thinking you don’t know what it means
When the wax in your pock holes melts in the furnace
Maybe you’ll admit your life is not what it seems
Who is this impostor?
God only knows
And how can you dance
when you’ve got terracotta toes?

How can you dance?
How can you dance?
How can you dance
when you’ve got terracotta toes?

You’re not fooling me
With your design-label clothes
’Cos how can you dance
when you’ve got terracotta toes?