Sophisticated sounds made by young talented Canadian musicians. Barbarella may be compared to a 1950s, early 1960s Esquivelesque quirky instrumental pop band with jazz,disco and pop elements: Often referred to as "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music"


Original 8 piece modern jazz/lounge group “Barbarella” was formed in the spring of 2008. The members were brought together from small towns in Ontario and Nova Scotia through Humber College’s Bachelor in Contemporary Music program in Toronto.
Barbarella performs their arrangements of original music composed by Aurora.
Aurora spent three weeks composing at the inspirational Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music May/June2009. One of her compositions has been aired on CBC radio One local Nova Scotia program “CBC Mainstreet” in Jan 2010.

Barbarella has played at the Toronto Jazz club “The Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar” in June and Sept 2009 with tremendous response from local Toronto audiences.
We believe our project is a sophisticated and authentic product of Canadian support in the Arts.


Underwear Drawer was played on the Nova Scotia CBC radio One program "CBC Mainstreet" in Jan '10

Set List

Typically play two 45 min. sets.
8-9 tunes per set.
All Original music with the exception of covers like:
-Airborn by Jagga Jazzist
-Laisse Tomber les Filles by France Gall