Picture this...7 fat guys in battle armour on stages littered with pyrotechnics, co2 cannons, axes, and swords, ripping out brutal harmony shed solos while the audience fall to their knees in admiration..that is Barbarion! AAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!


- National BIG DAY OUT tour - 2011
- Andrew WK Support 2011
- headlined Boogie Festival 2011
- Pulled Apart by horses support 2011

Early in 2007 Myles-Harald Tauchert noticed that all rock bands were gay. He decided to combine his love of 80s metal and hazardous camp theatrics to create a band of heady excess. Seeing as nobody liked him much he had to settle for a bunch of eastern suburb b-graders, and has-been, shabby, Melbourne musicians who together are BARBARIÖN.

Since then we have managed to hammer, weld and bash together all manner of hard-core rock and soft-core metal concepts into a sound that makes some people.. uncomfortable.

But the discomfort doesn’t stop there. The Barbariön stage show combines historically inaccurate, sexually ambiguous, highly flammable costumes with hastily assembled pyrotechnics in confined spaces, along with ‘carefully’ choreographed guitar moves and plenty of exposed flesh. There is rarely a dull moment. Furthermore, we hold the mantle of the heaviest band in Melbourne with a combined weight of nearly 700kgs!

In 2009 we released our debut album Feast on the Beast to critical despise. In a completely unrelated event, the home-towns of those reviewers were mysteriously infested with red-eyed, albino vermin and the surrounding farmland salted to the point of infertility.

In 2011 we released the video to our single 'My Rock'. The video was so good it killed the music video industry forever!

BARBARIÖN are powerful and fertile MEN. And they are ready to conquer your face.


AAAARRRRGGHHH!!! - EP (Independany) - 2010
Feast on the Beast - CD (Independant) - 2009