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"CD Review"

Artist: Barb Elyett
Album: The Simple Side
Style: Contemporary
Label: Aleta Records
Rating: 9.4 out of 10

By Senior Writer C.W. Ross

The Simple Side is the debut release from Canadian artist Barb Elyett. It's being released on her self-owned label, Aleta Records

The whole point of the release is that our human nature results in us often making things over complicated, The Simple Side, is a call back to living a life based on one simple, but most important fact, that God is the only way, solution, and answer that you'll really ever need. Barb gets this point across through the eleven songs found on The Simple Side.

In her press material Barb describes that all of the songs found on The Simple Side are like little 'keys.' Each key unlocks a door that opens to the 'Simple Side' of life.

Barb says that the more she searched in her own life the more she started recognizing that everything in her quest pointed to God as the ultimate source of simplicity.

While most of the songs fall into a contemporary style, melodic and flowing you'll also find a few more upbeat tempo ones. One of those more upbeat songs is the first track, "The Simple Side," a horn, organ, and piano filled toe-tapper that talks about getting back to the core of things in your life.

Barb who sings both lead and background vocals along with playing piano on this release also surrounded herself with a stellar group of people.

That group includes award-winning Vancouver producer and engineer Bill Buckingham (Carolyn Arends, Rita McNeil). Besides producing The Simple Side Bill also played acoustic and electric guitar and provided all the digital programming on the release.

Other musicians found on The Simple Side include, Dave Pickell ( Hammond organ, additional piano), and Gord Maxwell (additional Background vocals).

Barb has great vocals and can really hold a note, a talent which she demonstrates on several of the songs. The 43 minutes that The Simple Side lasts flew by quickly. Never once did I reach for the next track button on my CD player.

Each song sounded good and the more that I listened to them the more I thought that this music is as good, if not better, then most of what I'm hearing on the radio now. Barb Elyett's music deserves to be heard.

The Simple Side from Barb Elyett is one of those CD's that's filled with special music that after you hear it you'll say, "Thank You Lord."

" Thank you for giving me the chance to not only open my ears but also my heart and soul to the simple wonders of Your way."

- Christian Rockers Online

"CD Review"

Artist: Barb Elyett
Album: The Simple Side

Reviewed by Philippa McCracken

The first couple of times I listened to this album debut by a Canadian singer/songwriter, my thoughts were along the lines of, "I think my mum would appreciate this more than me." However, the more I listened to it and got to the heart of the album, the more I began to appreciate what is a collection of heartfelt melodies and reflective lyrics.

Listening to Barb's nicely crafted music is like sitting down with a big mug of chicken soup when you have a cold. The sincere lyrics are drawn together by beautiful piano and Barb's warmly expressive voice. Her heart for music and inspiring people is unmistakable in these personal songs, for whose origin there is an explanation in the sleeve.

"Come To Me", a powerful ballad based on Matthew 11:28, is well worthy of the Honourable Mention it got at the Billboard World Song Contest.

Amongst the touching, piano-based ballads are a number of upbeat but just as meaningful tracks, including "Abandoned Nets" and the rather haunting title track.

Clearly, we'll be hearing more from this talented lady. - Cross Rhythms UK

"CD Review: Barb Elyett -The Simple Side"

Reviewed by Michael Hughes

There is a lot of talent in the independent artist community. The vast majority of this talent is very good. Once in a while there comes across my desk an artist that is what I would consider a "stand out". Barb Elyett is one of those. Her project "The Simple Side" is a CD that you must listen to.

Not only is every track beautiful, filled with her gift of voice, but well produced, and spirit-filled. Elyett is a Canadian, but has the potential of being a force in the American market with the right promotion efforts. Her stand out vocals and writing are powerful and effective and need to be heard.

I have listened to every single track on this CD several times. There is not one that is less than class-A. My favorites include "Come To Me", "Home", and "Abandoned Nets". The ad lib intro on "Home" are catchy and are effective in getting your attention for the rest of the song. Feel free to request any of Barb's track on Christian Mix Inet.

When I listen to a CD, there are generally two different attitudes I take. One is the radio airplay mindset, the other is just enjoyment of a song. There are several radio airplay tracks on this project. Too many independent artists get overlooked by the politics of radio programmers. I pray that Barb can influence U.S. radio programmers to give her a listen. With the hard-core "hit oriented" music directors who get dozens of CDs every week, I encourage them to give her a listen. As a Christian Mix Inet listener, I encourage you to request Barb Elyett. You will not be disappointed. - Christian Mix Inet Radio

"Press Release"

Barb Elyett
Press Release

For Immediate Release

The Simple Side is the first CD released from Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter Barb Elyett on her self-owned label, Aleta Records. With artistry and pure passion, Elyett focuses on her dynamic voice, using her piano as a highlight. Elyett has received recognition and praise for her music from people all over the world, and was recently honored to place among the top songs in the Billboard World Song Contest with her song, "Come To Me."

The Simple Side is a blend of touching, heartfelt songs "Only You Know;" clever lyrical jewels with swaying rhythms "Thorns and Fragrant Roses;" and upbeat, infectious melodies with precise instrumentation "Abandoned Nets." The Simple Side was produced by award-winning Vancouver producer and engineer, Bill Buckingham (Carolyn Arends, Rita McNeil). Musicians on the project include Barb Elyett (vocals, piano), Bill Buckingham (acoustic and electric guitar, digital programming), Dave Pickell (Hammond Organ, additional piano), and Gord Maxwell (additional background vocals).

Accenting the unique, soothing sound of this album is a timeless message of wisdom and truth. Each song beautifully shares a scriptural key to simplicity that paves the way to peace. Elyett's mastery for creating music that not only pleases the ear but soul as well is paramount throughout this entire project.

To experience Elyett's music is to feast on art that is one-of-a-kind. Elyett has the ability to sing and write songs that drip with compassion yet boldly and aggressively drive home the point she is trying to make. Discover the spirit, vision, and vulnerability unleashed from within Barb Elyett on The Simple Side.

For more information, visit

- Barb Elyett's Debut CD, The Simple Side, Not Only Pleases The Ear But The Soul As Well

"CD Review"

Reviewed by David F. Dawes

This album kicks off in high style with a horn section. Elyett’s excellent voice is enlivened by solid harmonies. The songs tend toward philosophical ruminations on life. For me, the highlight is the finale, ‘The Lord’s Prayer,’ in which the singer cuts loose with some particularly good, passionate vocalizing. - Canadian Christian, Langley, BC

"CD Review"

Reviewed by Ken Wiegman

“The Simple Side” has a warm feeling infused with spirit and encouragement along the lines of the inspirational genre; however,

the soundtrack occasionally veers from the inspirational to a more contemporary pop sound. The majority of the songs though are

easy-listening piano ballads like “Home” and “Falling Forward,” while the more upbeat tracks include “The Simple Side” and “Abandoned Nets.” Of the 11 tracks on the record, Barb Elyett penned all but one, “The Lords Prayer” which Elyett self-penned a new arrangement for. Overall the album has a vocal-inspirational feel that is going to narrow the base of enthusiast, but it does deliver exactly what is intended for that genre.

Barb Elyett has previously served as a musical director of her church and a lead vocalist for the group, Ninth Hour Band. Barb has shared the stage with Celine Dion and Michael Buble’. Her music has been used in independent film (Bad Money) and her current CD is being released on a self-created label called Aleta Records. - Alpha Omega News

"CD Review"

Reviewed by Bill Bolte

The Simple Side is Canadian artist, Barb Elyett’s debut release on her own label, Aleta Records. Barb was a 2008 Maja Award International nominee in several categories including Best Song of the Year for “Come to Me” and Best Female Artist. Barb was also the lead vocalist for the Ninth Hour Band for two years as well as serving as musical director at her church. She’s also shared the stage with Celine Dion and Michael Bublé.

The Simple Side is a mixture of soft rock, gospel and contemporary Christian music. I hear a little 70’s vibe throughout much album. That probably has to do with the organs and horns heard throughout. The title and theme of the album, The Simple Side, came out of Barb’s desire to get back to the simplicity of knowing who she was at her core. She describes each song as a scriptural “key” to the door of the simple or God’s side of life.

Now, I’ll have to admit that The Simple Side is not the normal style of music that I listen to. I tend to favor the harder end of the Christian music world. That doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate good talent when I hear it. Barb has a great voice and the band is very tight. Barb wrote 10 of the 11 songs, with the 11the being a self-arranged version of the Lord’s Prayer. It’s a jazzy little gospel number.

One of my favorites is the acoustic, Thorns and Fragrant Roses. It has a great heart to it. The lyrics are deep and introspective. The song has a great message, one of worship, faith and adoration.

So there you go, if you happen to be into Gospel and Contemporary, I'd check Barb out. You can hear samples of her music at her website. - Circle 37, Wichita, KS

"CD Review"

Reviewed by Denise Hill

Barb Elyett's recently released debut CD, The Simple Side, on her self-owned label is a delightful listen to her piano-based melodies and dynamic voice. What personally grabbed my attention was the opening song with the sound of an organ!

Ten out of the eleven songs on the album were written by Barb. The eleventh song is self-arranged and an amazing version of The Lord's Prayer.

Barb is a contemporary Christian recording artist, speaker and award-winning songwriter that is making a name for herself in Canadian Christian music.

She is a 2008 Maja Award nominee for four categories: Best Contemporary Recording of the Year, Best Song of the Year, Best Female Artist of the Year and Best New Artist of the Year.

The Simple Side can be purchased on Barb's website as well as CD Baby and CD Universe - - City Light News, Calgary AB


The Simple Side



“A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be." - Abraham Maslow

This statement so perfectly describes the heart and desire of Contemporary Christian songwriter and singing prowess, Barb Elyett.

Passionate would be an understatement when it comes to Barb's love for music. Her voice is nothing less than dynamic and drips with compassion as she delivers songs that grab the attention of listeners. To see Barb perform is to experience her grassroots, child-like love for music that effortlessly exemplifies Maslow's statement " a musician must make music if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself."

Following the lead of artists like Loreena McKennitt, Barb established her own record label, Aleta Records, on which she recently released her debut CD, The Simple Side. Working with award-winning producer and engineer, Bill Buckingham (Carolyn Arends, Rita MacNeil), at The Palace Studios in Vancouver, BC, Barb has truly taken her talent to the next level.

10 out of the 11 songs on the album were written by Barb and the 11th song is a chilling self-arranged rendition of The Lord's Prayer that can truly blow your socks off! Track #5 "Come To Me," based on Matt 11:28, is a touching performance of Jesus' call to "come" that recently was awarded an Honorable Mention at the Billboard World Song Contest and other songs on the album like "Thorns and Fragrant Roses" and "The Simple Side" are currently receiving international airplay and accolades.

Combining Barb's unique ability for introspective, thought provoking lyrics, transcendent piano-based melodies and stirring vocals that contain the conviction of a preacher, Barb's album The Simple Side is sure to be timeless and undoubtedly a mainstay in CD players for years to come.

The title and theme of the album, The Simple Side, arose out of Barb's own desire to get back to the simplicity of knowing who she truly was at her core and expressing that. The more she searched, the more Barb started recognizing a oneness in her quest that pointed to God as the ultimate source of simplicity. Each song on the album therefore contains a scriptural "key" that opens a door to the "simple" or God-side of life. To know where she was and where she is now is to understand why Barb is often quoted as saying "no life."

Throughout her journey, Barb performed on numerous occasions by invitation at Christian conferences and events and was a soloist for the Vancouver Outreach Community Soul Gospel Choir in which she performed at the historic Orpheum Theatre and St. Peter's Cathedral in Vancouver, BC as well as many churches in and around the Vancouver area.

After serving as musical director at her church for four years, she was invited to be a lead vocalist for the Ninth Hour Band. She continued to make regular appearances with them for two years. Barb also had the privilege of sharing the stage with Celine Dion at GM Place on her North American tour as well as gracing the independent movie scene with a riveting performance of Sweet Heart of Jesus in the movie Bad Money. She has also shared the stage with Michael Bublé and her vocal talent has been used extensively by the Nashville Songwriters Association and the Vancouver Jingle Industry.

"In every adversity there is a seed of equal or greater benefit." For me, the benefit of going through my own personal set of challenges was that it has put a desire in me to communicate hope and a better way to live to others that may have had a rough start in life. It is a joy to see how what I have learned from my experience is impacting others in a positive way."