Barbie Bangkok

Barbie Bangkok


Talking 'bout style: enhanced poprock, on a lovely-sounding guitar and wave-synth foundation. Backbone is a fat-ass rhythm section and two angelic voices as topping. They rock ass!


Barbie Bangkok members met in 2003 and became close friends making the music they love. Tom, the frontman, is gifted in making musical glue. The lyrics his mind produces flirt with melodies you can't touch. Very soon this quatro felt like conquering the world. Amongst the hero's & heroines the band admires you find David Byrne, Jack White, Perry Farrel, David Bowie, the Pixies, Roisin Murphy,....

This band rocks audiences with high-energy live shows that serve to showcase the natural talents of Tom as a powerful vocalist and guitarplayer. He's one of the most remarkable upcoming talents in Europe!


EP 'Oh My God' (Kinky Star Records, jan 2004)
singles: 'Oh my God' and 'Roll Rockin'
Both singles has radio airplay in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, France & Portugal.
Debut full album "People and Geometry" due to be released 15th of September 2008

Set List

We change our set often in order to perform the best show! Setlist contains primarily originals. Repertoire is over 2 hours. Set length varies.