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BARBWIRE is a Texas Country Music band that plays original music mixed with Southern Classic Rock, Traditional Country and Texas Country Cover Tunes. BARBWIRE has four members with a total combined 100 years experience.....and NO we're not OLD!!! A BARBWIRE show is Texas Loud and Texas Proud!!


BARBWIRE was founded in January 2009 by Lead Singer Doug Burks and Drummer Charlie Croft. Presently, BARBWIRE is a four piece band consisting of lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar and drums. BARBWIRE plays Texas Country, Southern Rock, Traditional Country mixed with their own original music.

Take a dash of Eric Clapton and rub in some George Strait with a half a cup of Randy Rogers. Add a side of Willie Nelson and for that sweet tooth have some Georgia Satellite a' la' mode!! Now you've got BARBWIRE!!! KEEP IT REAL...KEEP IT RAW...KEEP IT TEXAS COUNTRY!!!

Set List

45 mins - 2 hrs
1. Whiskey River
2. Silver Wings
3. Better Off Wrong
4. In Color
5. United State of Texas (original)
6. Lost in the Night
7. Take Me Out To A Dancehall
8. Live (original)
9. Troubador
10. Folsom Prison/Workin' Man Blues
11. Keep Your Hands To Yourself
12. Barlight
13. All I Need
14. Run Indian (original)
15. Texas In 1880
16. Empty Glass
17. We Played The Game (original)
18. Who I Am
19. Wear My Ring
20. Sweet Home Alabama/All Summer Long
21. White Trash Story
22. Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old
23. Ramblin' Fever
24. Hard To Handle
25. Texas Moon
26. The Ride