Barcelona Ethnic Band

Barcelona Ethnic Band

 Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

Barcelona Ethnic Band is a group of young people playing music inspired from different traditions and cultures from all over the world without preferring any above the other. That's why the repertory stretches from the Palestinian gipsy jazz, to the Norwegian «halling», passing the Arabic and the Celtic culture visiting the Balkan countries and a never ending etcetera. All the members of the group are professional musicians from a classical or jazz background.


The Barcelona Ethnic Band was created in September 2010 as a result of Havard Enstad and Pau Baiges desire to investigate, learn and share their experiences with traditional music from different countries. Later the duo became a sextet formed by musicians from the four corners of Europe: Armenia, Norway and Spain, as well as from South America (Argentina). The band had a successful premire on December 16th 2010 in the club El Cangrejo from Barcelona. It also got good reviews at the festivals "El Mn a Barcelona" in 2012, and the Arreus Festival 2011, both held in Barcelona at the Arc de Triomf. The musicians also performed on other stages in the city like in Espai Barroc as well as in other close villages, in particular in La Cripta de l'Ermita, Cambrils (in the Cycle Concerts of Tardor 2011), in Espai Barroc in Barcelona, at the Municipal Music School from Riudoms and the Municipal School of Music in Salou (which also offered a workshop for students). The Barcelona Ethnic Band has performed in different auditoriums in the Catalan territory such as the Library Almirall (Tibidabo, Barcelona), Unusual Project (BCN), Las Cuevas del Sorte (BCN), Mara's (Cambrils), CC Riera Blanca (BCN), the Parc Central d'Olot (in the cycle Musica als Parcs 2013) and CC El Born (BCN). Barcelona Ethnic Band has also participated for first time in the international Fira Mediterrnia de Manresa, in the Hummus Mediterrani section (for new groups).

The members of the group are: Havard Enstad (cello and vocals), Vigen Hovsepyan (Percussion, Dduk and vocals), Estella Broto (flute and vocals), Blai Navarro (accordion), Manuel Krapovickas (double bass), Adri Baiges (guitar) and Manuel Krapovickas (doublebass). 

During the month of May 2011 the band recorded a demo CD with 7 songs and a video directed by Damien Gatumel. In June 2013 they recorded their first album with the sound technician Pablo Miranda. 


"Barcelona Ethnic Band. A tribute to different musical cultures". Temps Record 2013. 


Set List

EL BORN CC (28/3/14)

  1. Vila
    kombali + Dance of Aparan

  1. Wee
    Michael's March

  1. Navavar
    + Hallings

  1. Jasmine

  1. La
    Mounie Li Gharo Meni

  1. Balkandjsko

  1. I'm
    not fed up of the pacific ocean

  1. Kosha

  1. Njun
    Wamba Niin

  1. Vel

  1. Pingkachu

  1. Caje

  1. Trgnalo
    mi ludo mlado

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