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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
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"Bardo performs with the honed technique of longtime lovers and the hair-tossing abandon of a one-night stand."

If Chelsea Handler fronted a band, this might be it. Bardo creates skinny-tied, sassy and sometimes funny power pop wherein sheer quality and Leslie King's slinky timbre trump any originality shortfall. Their poison is turn-of-the-'80s, guitar-based new wave: the Pretenders (a lot), the Knack, Blondie — even an odd nod to Toni Basil's "Mickey" (on their flagship "L.A. Is in My DNA" ditty). Their songs are urgent exercises in efficiency, with King's spunky 'n' punky vocals also capable of being barfly wounded ("Run"), vulnerable/yearning ("You Like Me a Lot") and incongruously Alanis Morissette–ish ("Free to Go"). Teetering at that rare cusp of experience and exuberance, Bardo performs with the honed technique of longtime lovers and the hair-tossing abandon of a one-night stand. - L.A. Weekly

"“L.A. is in my DNA” could very well be the best song about the City of Angels since Jim Morrison crooned “L.A. Woman”"

Los Angeles band BARDO are a new group ready to throw its ticket in the pop rock raffle. Its new album You Like Me A Lot has the conventional pop meets punk elements that has lead to many American rock bands for nearly two decades now, but this record has a quirky, nostalgic vibe that is quickly catchy.
The song “L.A. is in my DNA” could very well be the best song about the City of Angels since Jim Morrison crooned “L.A. Woman” 40 years ago. It’s poppy, overtly 80s sound coupled with its offbeat lyrics are as unique at Los Angeles itself and could be used as the theme song for a Los Angeles cop show. The give me danger excitement of “Fight For Me” features some great loose guitar work from Rich and some hard vocals from Leslie King. It’s jamming vibe makes the song appear like it will fall apart at any moment, but the band keeps its act together until the track ends. “Cat Fight” is much more straightforward and has a driving punk beat. “Cat Fight” is fairly self explainable, a track about a woman that according to Leslie is a psycho, whose wedding day was ruined when Leslie hooks up with the lady’s former fiancé.
BARDO keeps its debut album infectious and to the point. You Like Me A Lot lives up fairly well to its name and never veers into band worship territory, a trend many new bands fall into. The album is worth a listen for fans of indie and punk.
- Target Audience

"Review - Leslie King - Songwriter"

“KING has a way of saying something meaningful without being sappy or emotionally manipulative. She puts her lyrics to music that is at once sophisticated and marketable.” Santa Barbara News Press - Santa Barbara News Press

"Review - Leslie King's Music"

“LESLIE KING is a rare & unique artist whose original muse is utterly chock full of atmosphere & ambiance like an audio-painted movie. A heartbreaking deluge of emotion & resolve, characterize LESLIE KING’s music in a way that defies description. “
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- United Global Artist

"Power pop with sun poisoning!"

"Fronted by throaty rocker Leslie King, Bardo takes cues from the Pretenders, but rocks out with that combination of grit and glam that you can only find in Los Angeles. Power poo with sun poisoning, as demonstrated on Bardo's impressive premiere CD "Recurring Dream". Next time through they'll probably be at the Fillmopre, so be forewarned." - San Francisco Chronicle

"Bound to leave audiences dumbfounded and speechless!"

BARDO, of Los Angeles, CA, is a powerhouse collection of musicians comprised of front woman Leslie King, guitarist Korel Tunador, drummer Dave Johnston and bassist Chuck Bramlet. With their debut album, Recurring Dream, BARDO has created a raw, highly energetic, captivating and consuming work of art.

When you play this album, GP Boulevard is the first track you hear. This song starts off with a little whimsical guitar and Leslie King’s sweet sounding voice. By the end of the song, I was blown away by the dynamics and buildup that this track offers. The attitude King portrays in the vocals on this song is anything but sweet.

Ain’t That a Shame, the following track, builds on the energy from the first song. The raw energy and soulful sound of this song just goes to show how much BARDO has going for them.

Beautiful brings it back down a notch in a similar, yet more graceful approach as GP Boulevard. This song brings to mind the songwriting and vocals styles of Fiona Apple.

Run has all of the attitude of a Courtney Love tune, with the musicianship and attention grabbing motives of the Naked Beggars. There is no doubt that this is one of the most intensely rockin’ songs on the whole album.

Don’t Get Me Wrong has an ethereal quality and, once again, is full of powerfully emotional and soulful vocals. It’s amazing how BARDO has a unique ability to keep your adrenaline flowing even when they seem to slow down for a little while.

Free to Go sounds like a mix of the Wallflowers and Alanis Morrisette. With an epic chorus and the signature guitar work found throughout Recurring Dream, BARDO has added the perfect finishing touches to a great album.

Throughout Recurring Dream, the band uses dynamics, fabulous instrumentation, outstanding vocals and an overall honesty and level of real that is bound to leave audiences dumbfounded and speechless.

5 out of 5 star
- Swift Reviews

"Calling all radio outlets; What are waiting for?"

BARDO, “You Like Me A Lot”
Typically, a good melody is the primary calling card to dig an act’s output, but Bardo has seriously upped the ante with lyrics that are so cunning that the listener is pulled in two-fold. Indeed, the whole package is in place here, with lyricist and front-woman Leslie King’s robust vocal resonance and a crackerjack team of musicians: bassist Sabby, guitarist Rich and drummer Bobby. The Los Angeles-based band follows its first album, 2008's “Recurring Dream” with new EP “You Like Me A Lot,” led by the title track, in which King sings, “You're the weather man, I’m the perfect storm/You’re Nevada sand, I’m atomic bomb,” alongside a frenetic sprint of organic instrumentation that has “mainstream hit” tattooed across its backside. “LA Is In My DNA” playfully scripts home base: “My parents are gay, my guru’s in AA, my neighbor is a porn star, tans with a spray, we’re tragically unique, oh yeah it's such a cliché,” again splashed with rapid-fire instrumentation that could have been inspired by the Joan Jett songbook. “Practically Sure” is a fine showcase for the group’s musicality, with guitar hooks, trilling percussion and a chorus that comes at you like machine gun fire; while the fist-pumping “Fight for Me” offers a tongue-lashing, as King tells, “I'm gonna find a bad cliché, the kind that makes you with you were dead/Then I’m gonna torture myself and repeat it over and over in my head.” EP closer “Karma Is A Bitch” chants “You’re an asshole,” as she explains, “You talk about God with your hand up my skirt.” It’s this combo of ingenious messages, King’s kickass voice and indelible refrains—all neatly wrapped in 3 minutes or less—that make Bardo an easy sell. Calling all radio outlets; what are you waiting for?
- Billboard Discoveries

"There is no limit to how far Bardo will go!"

We have to admit that we have a thing for all male bands that are fronted by an energetic, talented, and fearless female. That is just the thing here but Bardo was also formed by the front woman, Leslie King. It also does not suck to have Korel Tunador from Goo Goo Dolls fame playing guitar as well. Dave Johnston is on drums and Chuck Bramlet is backing everyone up on the bass. This foursome resides in Los Angeles and describes themself as, “punky pop rock.” Leslie King is just so impressive on tracks like, “Run” and “Ain’t That A Shame.” There is no limit to how far Bardo will go. As a rock band they are truly exciting and worth getting involved with. Another example how strong the indie scene truly is. -SKOPE Magazine
- SKOPE Magazine


You Like Me A Lot - BARDO - 2010
Recurring Dream - BARDO - 2008



BARDO is the creation of front woman Leslie King. Having been in the Los Angeles singer/songwriter scene for a number of years, King decided to branch out and follow a long time pull to explore her voice in the rock arena. Although BARDO started as a fun experiment, it soon became a powerful platform for her, both as a performer and songwriter. Partnering with long time friend and collaborator Rich Jacques (Producer) BARDO’s sound was born in the studio. Their first EP, “Recurring Dream” was released in 2008 and received significant praise from both media and fans. With this second EP, “You Like Me A Lot”, more risks were taken, more exploring ensued and what emerged was a truly authentic rock record. Combining a straight up pop songwriting style with an old school punk influence and a twisted sense of humor, Rich and Leslie feel they have landed on BARDO’s true voice.
“We started with a Southern California white trash persona for BARDO. But with this new record we’ve honed in on the underbelly of L.A. It took me 8 years to admit to myself that I lived in L.A. Like most people I found it superficial, pretentious, and vacant of community. But now I’ve had time to experience the many layers under that thick shiny, ugly exterior. There is an art to living here and keeping your sanity and there is a particular kind of suffering here that has not been given much of a voice. Especially I think for people who grew up here. It’s too easy to judge this place in the same way it’s too easy to judge pop music. When someone criticizes a pop hit I always say, “You try to write a meaningful pop hit asshole.” And now when someone judges L.A. or the people here I say, “You try to live in L.A. and hold on to your soul asshole.” – Leslie King