Bare Citizens

Bare Citizens


Bare Citizens' music is an amalgamation of funk, jazz, country, rock and afro-Cuban rhythms into richly melodic and rhythmic compositions. The band's live performance consists of original music, covers, and improvisation that promise a unique experience at every show.


The members of Bare Citizens are formally a band called Naked Groove that performed in the mid-west jam-band scene from 2000 to 2005. The group has shared the stage with Mike Gordon, Col. Bruce Hampton and the Code Talkers. Bare Citizens' sound could be compared to a combination of Ben Folds, Medeski Martin and Wood, Phish, Aquarium Rescue Unit, and Galactic. Each member of the band is different in musical background and style, which contributes to their original sound. Live shows are made up of original compositions, covers, and improvised performances that include and sometimes merge funk, jazz, country, rock, and Caribbean styles.


A studio and live album should be ready for release in 2006.

Set List

We usually perform a four-hour show that typically has 45 minute sets. Again, we have original material along with prepared and improvised jams, which depends on the mood of the crowd and band.

Covers Sample:
The Band - "Don't do it"
Greyboy Allstars - "Toys R Us"
Col. Bruce Hampton and ARU - "Fixin' to Die", "Working on a Building"
Cake - "Bucket Seats and Safety Belts"
Ben Folds - "Jackson Cannery"
Jerry Garcia Band - "Get out of my Life Woman"
Steely Dan - "Peg" and "FM"
Traffic - "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys"
The Meters - "Sissy Strut" and "Hey Baby"
Robert Walters - "Aquafresh" and "Sacred Spirit"
Beach Boys - "God only knows"
Papa Grows Funk
Spenser Davis Band - "I'm a Man"