Bare Common

Bare Common


Bare Common plays vocal- and guitar-centered songs about life's journeys through darkness and light. Their signature sound features strong, clear melodies and vocal harmonies and words that are as moving as the music.


Tom and Steve filter their experiences through the musical lenses of classic pop and rock, acoustic folk and alternative country. Listeners say they've heard echoes of Simon and Garfunkel and the Everly Brothers in Bare Common's performances.

Bare Common takes its name from the essay "Nature" by American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. It describes both a place and a moment when the ecstacy of existence and inspiration strikes.

Bare Common also describes the duo's performing and songwriting approach. As musicians, they opt for a straightforward presentation of their songs. As songwriters, they use the building blocks of daily life to present their experience in unadorned ways, striving for something that is both personal and universal.


High Time

Written By: Tom Wilkowske

Cold spring, don't want to sing
Wall of fog hits my eye
Another day, world is gray
Heaven please hear my cry

It's high time
Summer come and melt this frozen day
Bright light
Summer sun will burn these blues away

Flowers bloom, in the gloom
April is the cruelest time
Days get longer, sun gets stronger
Loving light is not a crime

I have made my own mistakes, stepped on gas instead of brakes
Turned my back on loving touch
At times I question my own fate, up too early, stay up late
Haven't figured out that much

You're So Close

Written By: Steve Horner

You're So Close

Are you cast in stone
Do you sink in water
Do you like being alone
Play the part of a martyr

And you're so close to heaven
Just outside the pearly gates
Open your eyes and breathe it in
Stretch out your arms and congregate

In the midnight hour
Does your heart start pounding
Stomach's kind of sour
Is your pain astounding


Catapult me off my chair
Send me high into the air
If I get dizzy help me land
In a place where I can stand

Can you shed your skin
Leave it in the garden
Let it feed the soil
Let it be your pardon


Marie Falling Down

Written By: Steve Horner

I see Marie falling down
I see her tumble
I see her contact the ground.
And she does not make a sound.

I saw Marie falling down (refrain)

Now she has met with the cold earth
She is tasting it
She is not liking the dirt
She is not friends with the earth

I saw Marie falling down (refrain)

(Instrumental break)
I saw Marie falling down (refrain)

Marie is longing for the perfect guy
She wants salvation
to come falling from the sky
she's not looking on the inside

I saw Marie falling down (refrain)


Bare Common released its self-titled CD in August 2005 on its own Eggtone Music label. It was produced, arranged and recorded by Steve Horner. It is receiving airplay on Duluth independent public radio station KUMD-FM.

The track "Upward Bound" has been chosen for the upcoming Oasis Acoustic Sampler CD, which is distributed to hundreds of industry contacts. It also has been chosen for inclusion on northern Minnesota's 4th annual Highway 61 Folks Festival compilation CD and on Acoustic Fuel, the Internet radio station (

Set List

Bare Common generally performs two sets of about 45 minutes each, mostly originals with a handful of covers.


High Time
Upward Bound
Ice Cream Inside
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (Nick Lowe)
You're So Close
Finally Over It
Play With Fire
Oh, Innocence
Day Glow
Force of Life
That Blue
A Beam of Light (I'm Free)

More Than This (Ferry/Roxy Music)
Be By Yourself
Beneath the Crust
I Will Find You
Angel of Mercy
May The Circle Be Unbroken (Trad.)
Wrestling With Angels
Marie Falling Down
Rational Man
Across the Universe