Barefoot Booyah

Barefoot Booyah

 Statesboro, Georgia, USA

Barefoot Booyah is an acoustic rock duet that has been described by critics as having a “psychedelic”, “funky” and “hard to classify” sound. Barefoot Booyah plays original songs and covers ranging from Counting Crows to Led Zeppelin. Barefoot Booyah is comprised of Boone Blackmon who contributes vocals and guitar and Sammy Warren banging percussion. You can find Barefoot Booyah playing most frequently in bars all around Statesboro, GA and Savannah, GA. Barefoot Booyah has developed a fan base


A little bit about each member….

Boone Blackmon is from Louisville, GA a town in the middle of nowhere with only one stoplight. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 12 and learned how to play in Church. First band, was a family bluegrass band that played locally and he branched out to other bands like his high school band “the Yazoos”, a sixties based rock trio. Then he went to college and played in a band called “Merge Stem” for a brief stint. About half a year later he joined a (1960’s-2000’s) rock cover band called, “Across the Street Band” playing lead guitar. They were sponsored by Budweiser for a year until the band broke up. Now he is 22 and currently resides with “Barefoot Booyah”, a band he is very happy with and has enormous amounts of faith in.

Sammy B. Warren IV was born in Warner Robins, GA September 11, 1985, and raised in Laurens County Georgia. He sang and performed as the little drummer boy in his church plays at age five. By nine years he was singing lead solos in those same plays. He continued to play and perform in plays both at church and school until the 5th grade when the school’s band director turned him from percussion to the saxophone. Young Sammy learned to read music and play melodies on the saxophone for about a year. Upon joining the middle school band he quickly tried out and became section leader of his percussion section throughout his middle school years.
Sammy got his first drumset for Christmas of his freshman year of high school. Rapidly applying the percussion knowledge he attained through school and listening to rock music, he joined a local Christian praise band at age 15. “Slow Children at Play” was a Christian-based punk band, which enjoyed playing electric and acoustic jams at local churches, youth rallies, praise and worship sessions, etc…. This group reformed as “Under Construction”, with a much mellower contemporary Christian sound. At 16 Sammy began focusing more on teaching private percussion lessons in drumsets, rudiments, and ethnic percussion, at local music stores and homes. Sammy became section leader of his high school drumline during his junior and senior years of high school, during which time he studied percussion under Dr. Chris Ryles. Sammy performed with his drumline and at local coffee shops and bars until joining the “Tony Tyler Trance” as percussionist. He toured with “The Trance” for several months before moving out of state. In South Carolina, Sammy spent hours practicing alone and with several bands, none of which landed much attention.
In late summer of 2007, Sammy moved to Statesboro, GA where he quickly some small gigs with old friends who introduced Sammy and Boone.
This rest is barefoot history………….


Stank Sole (2008)

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(*= Barefoot Booyah original)