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The Barefoot Soldiers sound can be generically categorized as modern pop/rock, but an often haunted quality heard in the vocals lends it to the more apt description: "Ghost Pop." There is a strange nostalgia built into an original sound. An enduring quest to re-invent the pop ballad.


In the summer of 1997, Tim Hogan and Jon Lorentz began a musical journey that still continues ten years later. Along the way, the duo shared teen angst, then blind confidence, followed by a college-age idealism, then cynicism. They came back together as twenty-somethings in May of 2006 to continue a quest to re-invent the pop ballad. The Barefoot Soldiers’ sound can be generically categorized as modern pop/rock, but an often haunted quality heard in the vocals lends it to the more apt description: “Ghost Pop.” There is a strange sense of nostalgia built into an original sound. At times sounding similar to the likes of Elton John, Peter Gabriel, and Jeff Buckley, the Barefoot Soldiers have also been characterized as Simon and Garfunkel meets Nine Inch Nails. Hogan sings lead vocals and plays piano. Lorentz plays guitar and organ while singing backup vocals. They share writing credit on every song, which is a testament to the friendship and musical bond that has formed over the years. Their song “Nothing Between My Ears” suggests that “maybe someday I’ll arrive.”- The Barefoot Soldiers have.

Hogan and Lorentz were childhood acquaintances who didn't always acquaint. But in high school, a bond was born out of their desire to write music. This spawned the band No-U-Turn, which hit the Buffalo bar scene by 16. The band made a record and released it independently around Western New York in 1998. Despite selling a thousand copies locally, Hogan left for college in Richmond and Lorentz went to college in Buffalo when high school ended. Lorentz wrote and recorded another album while carrying on with No-U-Turn. Hogan continued writing while playing a weekly solo piano bar gig at a campus bar. They reunited sporadically on school breaks, which allowed them to share songs and record some of what they had accomplished apart. Not long after college ended, No-U-Turn had permanently disbanded and Hogan had returned home to Buffalo. An old dream was reborn when they united again and realized their passion for songwriting had grown. The perspective gained from their college years had helped them turn a corner. They had gone from naive 17 year-olds blindly convinced they were on the brink of legendary status, to 25 year-old song writers who do it—not because they crave fame and fortune. Now they do it because they know they just wouldn't be happy doing anything else.
The future of the Barefoot Soldiers is promising. Hogan and Lorentz recently completed their self-produced 8 song Demo/EP, “Late Arrival,” using Pro Tools in a small studio in Lorentz’s basement. The vocals and instrumentation on the demo were performed solely by Tim and Jon. Their goal is now to re-record the demo or selections from it, along with ample other new and diverse material under the guidance of a major label and producer. When given this opportunity, the Barefoot Soldiers will create a successful album that will be relevant in different genres and demographics.


Wants & Needs

Written By: Hogan, Lorentz

I can see my way in the dark
Do you see how you hold up my song, all day long
I’m fallin’ all over you

I can see you looking through me
Your veil casts shadows of you in the sun, but you’re the only one
I’m fallin’ all over you

I need to breathe your air
You’ve gotta meet me somewhere
I need to touch you as the night becomes the day
I need to be with you… and never leave

Oh my love I could never measure
You know you are my greatest treasure, forever
I’m fallin’ all over you


Written By: Hogan, Lorentz

I want to tell you a secret, it’s been too long
I try to avoid it but the noise is just too loud
It won’t be the first time I’ve tried, but hopefully the last
If you decide you want me around
It’s easier said than done, sometimes I look at you and the words don’t come
I used to get frozen in your eyes
But I’m kicking the pedestal down, cause I just want to see you every time I turn around
It’s really not a big deal, it’s just…

I want to love you, I want to need you,
I want to cherish you, embarrass you and laugh with you.
And I want to hold you, I want to please you
I want to wake up early just to watch you sleep

I’m taking gray and putting it in the rainbow

This might embarrass you but I got a strange feeling that you feel it too,
Your smile gave you away
Don’t be afraid when I call out your name,
Nothing is really gonna change, except…

I’m gonna love you, I’m gonna need you,
I’m gonna cherish you, embarrass you and laugh with you.
I’m gonna hold you and I’m gonna please you,
I’m gonna wake up early just to watch you sleep.

I’m taking gray and putting it in the rainbow.

Nothing Between My Ears

Written By: Hogan, Lorentz

Yesterday I woke up with pennies on my eyelids,
Tag on my toe, nothing between my ears.
My house was burning but it didn’t bother me
Beneath the pure white masturbation,
Nothing between my ears

Caress me or repress me, it doesn’t matter either way,
Cause today I am alive, today I am alive

Today I woke up in a cloud of realities,
Gold and silver in a faucet I can’t drink from.
Smoking omens dictating reactions that are breeding satisfaction
With nothing between my ears.

Take me, complicate me, it doesn’t matter either way.
Today I am alive, maybe someday I’ll arrive

Some sad bastard living in a tragedy,
He’s got all or nothing on me
I used to guarantee the world just can’t keep up with me
But now the writing on the wall is fading, it’s fading


Late Arrival EP (2007)

Wants And Needs (2007) [Single]

Late Night Love (2005) - [Out of Print] for streaming audio.

Set List

All original music. Barefoot Soldiers have an extensive catalog of songs to work with.