Barefoot Sun

Barefoot Sun


Barefoot Sun is a must see band! We bring the rock back into rock and roll! We have a very hyper front-man and the riffs to keep the crowd bobin' their heads. If you are or were a fan of 80's rock , then you need to get into this band for sure.! WARNING: This band has a style that is infectious


The idea for Barefoot Sun was born out of the love of music between Wain Snyder and Percy Mitchell. After kicking around a few riffs, the duo had a few songs lined up (along with some old songs Wain had hidden up his sleeve). Now it was time to find another guitarist, and Wain had just the guy in mind. Wain called Jamie Adams and asked if he would be interested in performing his magic leads on the songs. Naturally Jamie agreed (because he and Wain were bandmates before) so Jamie came to Memphis, Tn one weekend to see how things were going to work. After the recording session and Barefoot Sun's personal studio (Ghostnote Studio) the guys were amazed! Perfect, almost. Now the stage was set. Tom Priggel, was called and requested to sing on tracks. Tom and Wain go WAY BACK so once again there was no problem getting the deed done. Finally, the quartet was put together and you have what is before you now! Barefoot Sun. Current fans of the band have stated some of the songs are similar to bands like: Led Zepplin, The Eagles, Nirvana, with a touch of the dark side from Alice in Chains. Go figure that one out!


The first release form the guys entitled "Motivated By Desire" includes:
Talking To A Fencepost
No Time
The Garden Of Senses
Easy Grind
Worship The Way
Broken Bones
Joy And Sorrow
Slowly Falling Apart
Backporch Stomp
Turpentine Lullabye

Easy Grind has found it's way to the radio airwaves as well as into a TV commercial on UPN 30 (Local Memphis and surronding area) for FEAR FACTOR.

The Garden Of Senses has also been played on local stations. Both songs have gotten favorable responses from the listeners.

Set List

This is the first reslease from the band, but that does not mean that is all the songs we have. A typical show would be filled with Hard Rock tunes, as of yet there has not been an all acoustic set.