New York City, New York, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

BarHoppers music is genuine to its roots but pushes the boundaries artistically. Making soulful risk taking music is our priority.


It was 2008. What you need is to get "gangsta", get a "grill" and get shot, that was Hip Hop. Then there was BFD, creativity unbound, unleashing the type of music that made it own lane. No Carbon copies, no gimmicks, F.L.I.K.S. (For Life I Keep Strong) & Hektic, two unruly emcees stormed the NYC scene. Each a force by themsleves as soloists, hurting feelings and abusing tracks, thats the job. The Renaissance is in full swing, being visually creative as well as musicians they shot videos and created campaigns around their music until 2008. In 2009 enter: BarHoppers, officially a duo now Hektic and F.L.I.K.S. combine all influences from Curtis Mayfield to Spike Jonze all the way from The White Stripes to Andy Warhol. Unlike anything or anyone before them, BarHoppers lead the way in ingenuity backed by the production of New Era Xound Factor they released "We're Thirsty, the EP" to the masses in 2009 on NEXF. Never stopping for chaser, BarHoppers continue to keep you interested in Hip Hop. Get a cup and join the party.


The Coney Island Methadone Clinic - LP
We're Thirsty - EP
Happy Hour - Single(iTunes)
Struggles Lounge - EP (iTunes)

Set List

8 minute set: Happy Hour, True Survivors, World Hunger, NINE10, Sake Sippin, and On Breeze