Bari Koral

Bari Koral


With a brand new book about a rock star in training and three albums under her belt, some consider Bari Koral the Bridget Jones of Rock & Roll. This is one talented girl. Just ask artists like Norah Jones, Lenny Kravitz or the tons of other great acts Bari has appeared with.


Bari Koral’s new record “Confessions of an Indiegirl” has been the best-reviewed record of her career. Many fine musicians donated their time and talent as a labor of love after hearing her music. The results are 12 strong tracks, including the standouts “Don’t Give Up”, “Aspiring Angel” and “Midnight Train to Georgia,” which has been spun all year on music choice and sirrus radio.

Bari's a graduate of Syracuse University’s Newhouse school. She was just learning how to write songs and play guitar when she landed her 1st job in television as the head researcher on the Jeffrey Dahmer trial for Court TV. She soon realized that tracking serial killers for a 24-hour news network was a sure path to a nervous breakdown.

Instead, she walked out at the height of the tv networks popularity to pursue her sweeter ambition – music.

Independent in spirit, and mindful of the direction the traditional record companies were headed, Bari decided to take matters into her own and not wait for anyone to “give” her a career.

She released JOY, her first collaboration with producer Jimmy Bralower and
Suzanne Vega’s original touring and recording band. It was this release that led to hundreds of write-ups in local and national newspapers including a glowing full-page spotlight in Billboard.

Landing a college-booking agent on the strength of JOY, Bari jumped into her car and began what would basically become a 4-year tour. She quickly became one of the highest grossing & popular acts on the college circuit.

The touring ranged from the sublime to the absurd. She drew on some of these often hilarious touring experiences to write her first novel (also called “Confessions of an indiegirl”). Gigs backing up Sponge Bob Square Pants at state fairs, or a relationship with a touring drummer that took place entirety via text message all set the stage for Bari’s just completed charming novella about life, love and a 5,000 step program towards success.

She was also routinely being pegged to appear with many well-known recording stars such as Norah Jones, Lenny Kravitz, Joan Osborne, Lisa Loeb, and the cast of Saturday Night Live.

It was the road, which would lead her to many of her current collaborators. Bari met the Jayhawks backstage in Iowa. Most of the popular alt-country band would come to play on “confessions of an indiegirl” and make important contributions to her career. They would also go on to drink lots of tequila together.

She also teamed up with famed drummer Jerry Marrotta, whose regular work with the Indigo Girls and Sheryl Crow became a guiding force in recording all the basic tracks for “Confessions of an indiegirl”. Jerry brought in help from pals Bill Dillon (Sarah Mclachlan) and Tony Levin.

She also met drummer Pete Caigan (who she dragged to Kansas for almost a month of shows), and who used Bari as a catalyst to take out a loan to get his own studio off the ground and the first record he made would be “Confessions”.

At a critical stage, Bari again hooked up with Jimmy Bralower who did some additional recording and mixed the album.

“Confessions of an indiegirl” is a result of years of writing, touring and searching. It relies solely on the strength of the music. It’s constantly been described as a very rewarding record. Every track maintains this inviting energy.

Bari’s warm voice guides you through the journey, almost whispering in your ear “Come along with us and don’t worry, you’re in good hands.”


"Joy" 1999
"Cloudwalking" 2002
"In the beginning" - single, EMI, 2004
"Confessions of an indiegirl girl" 2005

Set List

Set list usually runs 1 hour. Bari draws from the best songs from her three albums as well as her popular new songs. Covers include everything from the Foo Fighters to Neil Young.