Jeanne Barkemeijer de Wit

Jeanne Barkemeijer de Wit


I play a rather eclectic blend of Jazz, Classical, Celtic, New Age and Electronic.

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Drift Away

Written By: Jeanne Barkemeijer de Wit

I used to live in a world full of daydreams a world were all visions came true. Tell me what did I see that I can't see now.
Yesterday when my life was new, and all the dreams I had, hadn't all gone bad, it's so sad I couldn't see the change till now.
Sing on through twilight, oh song of my youth, no more nights filled with longing and pain, so just drift away, and I'll start again.

I had Thought that Life was Over

Written By: Jeanne Barkemeijer de Wit

As I walked along the seashore, left my footprints in the sand, I bent over and felt the ocean gently caressing my hand. I had thought that life was over, in my heart I felt such pain. Then that's life, you never really know.

In the shadows of the night time, silent figure stands alone, taking comfort in the darkness of a now forgotten shore. Running blindly from the twilight, stumbling falling on the way. Then that's life, you stumble every day.

The silence of the night time, shattered by the cries of pain, as a mother giving birth realizes she just lit a flame. And her flame it burns so brightly, growing stronger every minute, then that's life we're growing every day.

Memories of a million life times lay within a grain of sand, and a piece of my soul is buried deep within my hand, I had thought that life was over, in my heart I felt such pain ... then that's life you never really know.


2000 CD

2004 CD
Healing Music - Elements
piano with electronic and natural elements

2005 CD
Healing Music - Piano

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